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Saturday, February 11, 2006

August Archive- from MSN

August 30
Hurricane Katrina
Extreme----sadness- for others-

My guys and I were starting to feel helpless in regards to the hurricane- We're not millionaires--- what can we do in the face of so much loss and devastation???

The legend- below--(I know- totally NOT new)--reminds me--- it's not the size of the help we offer- but that we offer it at all--- that makes a difference--- to the one we can help.

I can't rebuild all the homes- provide for all the losses- or wipe away all the tears. However, I can give what I have- share what I can and make a difference- to this one.

Before I sign off---- I'll make a donation to the redcross- I'll look up the e-mail address of someone and send some encouragement.

As for my guys and me---- We'll pray.

What will you do?

The Legend of the Starfish
A small boy stands on the beach, the waves lapping on his feet, throwing starfish that have washed up on the shore back into the ocean one at a time.
Noticing the boy and the scores of starfish washed up on the beach, a man walks up and says, “You know, you can’t make much of a difference here.”
The boy, starfish in hand, looks up at the man. “But I can for this one,” he says.
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9:13 PM

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Adventures in Motherhood-while knitting....
Hmmmm. Some may not see Motherhood as an adventure- but I'm here- livin'it.


Extreme Carpet Cleaning-

What happens when a preschooler decides to help with dinner, while his older sibs are sitting????

Well---- He'll probably crack 16 eggs one by one on the end table- and carry them to a cup on the coffee table across the room...... resulting in a trail of egg goo that makes a lava flow look like a gentle stream....

The result- EXTREME CARPET CLEANING- 2 days- 1 bottle of cleaner----and a residual scrambled egg scent when the carpet is wet.

EXTREME Laundry-

somewhere between my teens,spouse, myself and my preschooler----we are dirtying MORE clothes than I thought we owned.

EXTREME Driving-

With one potty-training, and one in DRIVERS TRAINING..... well lets just say driving is always EXTREME.

EXTREME dependance on God-

In all this Extremity- I find a Necessity---- to depend on God- sometimes just to survive!

I also find a need to KNIT. It's the only thing that I do---- (well FEELS Like it any way) that GETS and STAYS done.

Everything else just needs to be done again tomorrow!

The "upside" of Extreme Adventures in Motherhood-----

Extreme Joy- a sleeping preschooler-

A Teen praying for Hurricane victims/survivors.

A Teen wearing a "witness" T-shirt to school- cause he's proud to honor God.

A spouse who delights in his sons.

And his wife

And the valuable experiential knowledge of how to remove 16 raw eggs from the living room carpet.

Both the right- and wrong ways!

FYI- Right way----- cover with salt- allow salt to soak up eggs- scrape up then clean with your preferred method---

FYI- The Wrong way-

sop up a bit of egg--- get out the carpet cleaner- fill with HOT water---- run for about 2 days- at least until blisters form.... notice the eggs and carpet becoming "one" - vaguely become aware of a scrambled egg smell- finally decide getting new carpet would be LESS EXTREME.

*****share the story--- and the joy of a boy who wants to HELP. And a Mom who didnt "kill" him.

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August 29
Gotta be a first post- might as well be this---
Well--- my kids say it's a problem... I say it's a hobby- besides- Knitting is the only thing that gets done and STAYS done when your a SAHM of three sons- 16-13 and 3 1/2!!! Cleaning- cooking etc--- all just have to be DONE again tomorow--- besides- there is something artistic and creative in knitting that is missing from Potty training and Drivers Ed......;)

check out the pics of my latest projects--- Enjoying the challenges of lace-knitting!

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