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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Knitting? Yeah-- still knitting;) Though not much lately!

knitting update 001

Kiri- Pattern from

Kid Silk Haze Night (Lt grey with silver sparkle)
Needles- Knitpicks options US #8's
I added beads to the border- using the crochet hook method-I added them to the double decreases- in the border (SK2togPSSO) I picked up the remaining stitch on the needle- then added bead- re-seated and continued on.

knitting update 002

More of Kiri blocking;)

knitting update 003
Blue Sky Alpaca Cropped Cardi-
Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk- DK double stranded

(funky stitches at my raglan increases should block out;)

knitting update 004

One Skein Book---- Cabled slipper socks- Lion Brand Cashmere blend-
Have to admit- don't usually like Lion Brand- but this is just as nice as Debbie Bliss- (and a bit cheaper) nice quick knit- goal was to practice cabling- mission accomplished- besides- on US #8 DPN'S I finished these up in just a few days;)

I'll be posting an update on MOPS Convention over the next few days;)

Suffice it to say- it was awesome!

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