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Monday, November 06, 2006

Print of the Wave Stole Update....

prin of the wave stole update 004

This is one of my first posts on The Print O The Wave Stole. This is absolutely the longest time from cast on- to cast off- for any project I've done. I started it in JUNE.

prin of the wave stole update 003

There have been weeks I took of for mental health, as I thought that my knitting should certainly not lead to the death of any family members....(they agreed) I have had serious doubts whether I'd ever finish at all.
Not so much doubting anymore....I'm feeling like the little engine that could....chugging to the top of the hill..... I may be finished tomorrow. I can't wait!
The "Recipe" is available for free here: See Eunny Knit it is available as a pdf in her right hand sidebar. I am using Knit Picks Shadow Merino Laceweight, in "Vineyard". Needles are Knit Picks Options in US #5. Perfect for lace.
Hopefully I'll have pre-blocking and blocking pics for you for tomorrow! ;) Yippe and squee....If only I could get my book finished. Hmmm, better open the file;)

prin of the wave stole update 002

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