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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Dear Apple- Go ahead, Convince me.

Dear Apple-

I'm a techno-mom. In my (rather large and heavy) purse, at any given moment- I have an iPod video, a Palm Treo and a digital camera, I sometimes carry my Palm Lifedrive- mostly just for Wifi. ( I also keep an iPod shuffle in my knitting bag, which is always with me- just for audio books- gotta love my little pink shuffle!)My two teens and husband all have iPod Nanos.
Early adopters? Yeah- that's us.
But, I don't know about this time. While I can see the huge benefit of combining my media tools into one (as can my right shoulder which generally totes my 40 lb purse) I have questions about buying into the iPhone just yet.
I want to want, an iPhone. Really, I do. I actually think I DO want an iPhone... But my Mom brain keeps asking Mom questions. Like would it be worth it? Not just the $, but the hassle?
From the reviews- it sounds pretty seamless and perfect for those using a mac OS. But, my laptop is MS. Are the benefits there for me, too?
Next?....I've been with my wireless provider for years.... getting an iPhone probably means switching my wireless provider (ummm lets just say a company that starts with a "V" really likes me) for my whole family in order to get the best deal all around...and that includes a business line...a WAY huge hassle. Or- setting up a separate account for just one phone (or iPhone, I should say) which doesn't allow for sharing minutes or a family plan- which would cut into the old Mom-budget.
Finally- and this is a pure woman thing. I'm not hearing great things about the screen/input. This momma has Acrylics. How female/user friendly is the touch screen? Can a stylus be used? Or something to accommodate a girls nails?
See? I'm just, not convinced.
So Apple- here's the deal. According to research 80% of all dollars are spent by women. (yeah that's right- we're the shoppers!) Women who are Mom's, women who work, and women who buy groceries. If you want my dollars-advertising or product wise- (and the dollars of my sister-moms) go ahead. Convince me.
1) Send me an iPhone- I'll give you an honest/reliable Mom's review.
2) Answer the questions:
a) benefits for MS users vs mac users?
b) ease of changeover- from current wireless provider- (reports are that it can be rough going)
Now- while I have my doubts about Apple actually reading or answering this post... I have no doubt that there are new iPhone users out there on the net- so, what say you, especially Mom, iPhone users....worth it, or not?

My blog is worth $275,495.52.
How much is your blog worth?

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