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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Spring---cleaning- and Kiri- Knitting update

Spring Cleaning... and Mom Spot....n KIRI update...
Busy. Busy. Busy.

As you can see from the pics yesterday... working on the couch doesn't always WORK.

SO---I decided to do a little "creative space management".....

We have a dining- room.... and like most people, who do---- we use it for holidays..........or when we have company....(which isn't as often as I like!)

Seems like a "waste of space" to me... I moved in. It will be MULTI-purpose. I can change it back to a Dining room in about 15 minutes.... but- now my knitter-stash... my computer, my biblestudy stuff-----my spinning wheel, and fiber--- will all be set up in here.

It'll work for me!

I've also posted updated pics of KIRI (free pattern) here:

I'm on the 10th repreat of 12 before the edging. As per my obsessive style---- I'll be making this again!

There is also a pic of my "Method" of lace knitting pattern tracking---- Kacha-kacha counter- to count rows---

CUTE Very CUTE sheepy counter to track repeats-----(

I also found the cutest little hand made bag in the picture for my stitch markers and counters-;) Great to have for lace knitting!

For my next magical Kiri:
I have 4 skeins of this:
waiting for it! (Kidsilk night- starry night)

I finished the knitpicks "Garden- stargazer-lily" socks... fast- simple- plain sockies--- Nice to knit between rows of lace.....and in the car at stop lights--- and in parking lots----and whie waiting in line.... and in the drive thru @ Mickey D's ( i hate that plce- but Noah loves their happy meals!- They DO however have PLAIN Iced-Tea----(hate that syrupy stuff- so thats what I get;) .....redirection from digression--- Sorry!
Sock yarn available @:

I also cast on some SUPER quick sleep socks---- In Tessoro from Joanne's--- soft for 100% wool-- and I kept hearing complaints that it doesn't felt--- so--- nice warm lavander washable socks for me to sleep in!
(My feet are ALWAYS cold....) "Tessoro Toasty Toes" pattern hybrid-

Now for a question.....

Unspun fiber storage.... any fiber safe ideas???????

Especially ideas that will be able to COVER welll-- as my su su studio/ (oohhhhhh osorry 80's throw back for you...) office is also my DINING Room!!!!!!!
(Notice: Partial stash storage is in the pretty burgundy hatboxes!)

POST IDEAS--;) If you have trouble here- click my blogger link upper left sidebar---- comments are easier there. ;)

I like having a spot to work in---without a PARROT DOG on my shoulder!

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