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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Nottin- But Knittin- well- MOSTLY! ;)

Caution: Cuteness and Knitting Content Ahead!
If you're looking for the MOPS article---please scroll down one entry;)


Pics below show:

Lucy Neatby (well- roughly using the pattern ;) Sock in Knitpicks "Star Gazer Lily"( Pinks and a bit of yellow)
( )
On #2 US Bryspun DPNS

In the background- you can see a "created pattern" k2p2 rib sock- in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Baby- In a pretty purple----- their BOTH Finished! YAY! Used my Lantern Moon DPNs in US #3 for these- took a few days- very quick. Brainless Knitting... I like it.

You can also see an updated Pic Of "Tempting Sweater" from : - It's finished- the wider Hanah Silk Ribbon arrived- and really DOES make it work--- also- it looks better on me with an off the shoulder look. So, I recant my previous disappointment in this project- am now happy with it. Will wear with a black straight skirt- and maybe black boots- ;)

Finally- Knitting wise- You can see the KSH "Birch for Booty-full" It is (again) my own design, using the Bernadins Sampler "Perky Leaves" Pattern from Mary Schiffman's Lacy Knitting" which, is basically the classic "Fern Leaf" lace pattern. I'm using Lantern Moon US #8's to mimic the stitch size of Rowan's beautiful "Birch" Pattern---- and the KSH is in "Splendour"---a pretty deep fuschia. Again- this is a stole- so lengthwise- rectangular- not triangular- just my preferance.

There is also a sweet "cuteness eye-candy" pic of my "Sleeping Angels" You'd never guess how much of a mess these two can make- from this pic.. would you?

Shhhhhhh maybe they'll let me knit........

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