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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Survivor- Mom style

Thriving... and then there's surviving.... today's a surviving day.
There are days when I feel like I thrive as a mom. Today is not one.

At the moment, it's 6:40 p.m. and I'm wondering if benadryl (rec dosage, of course) could possibly end our day a couple of hours early....

Please. You know it's a temptation. Especially on days like this one.

Things were fine till about 10:30. Then things got bloody.

Bloody is NOT good. Especially when Daddy is gone. (work)

Noah, my little monkey, decided to get something from the freezer. (Probably, Easter candy) I was in the next room. I heard the stool GROAN and scrape, across the kitchen floor- I said "Noah....Don't...." That's as far as I got. Then , I heard the crash.

Crashes from the kitchen are never good- either. I bolted into the kitchen.

Noah was on his back, in front of the fridge... blood dripping from his mouth- and the stool- laying on his face.

Not good. Again- NOT GOOD.

I picked him up--- and noticed, thru the blood--- that his front tooth was gone.

FRONT TOOTH GONE, is not good. Split lip, NOT Good. Daddy being gone.... VERY NOT Good. (Daddy is the official "Holder" when it comes to stitches and such... I am just not "good with that."

I cry. Crying Mommies in the ER, don't help. They scare children actually- their own, and others.

Oh- I also have a bit of a tendancy to faint. Just a bit.

The big guys weren't up yet. Lets just say- I CAN quickly scare them out of bed, when I need to.

I did. (need to) So, I did. (scare them.)

We got dressed and out the door to the ER pretty quick. Big guy #1 rode in the back seat, to keep Noah company in his carseat, while I drive like a nut. ( I think I missed a stop sign... sorry bout that)

Four hours later, (and 2 new "kid" friends for Noah later....he'll probaly be sick from the germs he picked up.....) Wiggling his little body into a "GOWN" FYI 4 year old boys DO NOT want to wear dresses with circus x-ray to assure that the missing tooth hadn't lodged in his throat..(it hadn't) .. He seems to think- that x-rays are a good opportunity to pose in his "baby karate" moves.....and then, struggling to (quietly-without yelling...I mean) keep the boy from skating across the floor and into things that are sterile....(and easily knocked over) stocking feet and a slick ER floor--- can only mean an opportunity to skate, of course.

We stopped at McDonalds on the way home.... Noah fell asleep. I thought things had calmed down. Surely, we must be on the "UP side" of this day. Nope. Some days just don't work like that.

1/2 hour after we arrived home--- Noah climbed up onto the couch- to play "Spiderman and friends" on my laptop--- and promptly- put his ONE front tooth thru his BOTTOM lip.

More blood. I am not a "Mompire" I don't like blood. I don't even like typing the word b***d.

There was plenty of it today.

Noah had an adventure. Mommy survived.

Some days are like that.

By the time this posts... you may notice that time has elapsed. "How long does that woman sit at the computer? No wonder that kid is into so much......." You may be thinking...

Especially after I tell you what happened during the 10 minutes it took to write the paragraphs above.

Noah found the toothpaste I left on the kitchen counter this morning- (yes- I opted to brush my teeth AND put on a bra, before we went to the ER...with the first child I wouldn't have- I'd probably have called the EMS. Noah is child #3, I knew he would live )

After making his DISCOVERY... he proceded to fingerpaint the kitchen with it. Yes- I was 15 feet away. Yes, I am, apparently a bad mother- and quite possibly an idiot.

Or, maybe not.

The truth is- as a Mom- there are wonderful- fabulous heart warming days. And then, there are days in which you are happy you survived. Today was a survivor kind of day.

Hmmmmmm maybe a new reality show---- Survivor Mom... You take a preschooler---- a typical home, a bit of extra energy- and a Mom with some mundane task- like oh... LAUNDRY maybe? Then see if she can accomplish her task--- as well as keep her preschooler from feeding the dog toothpaste- or losing a tooth.

Can I win a million Dollars? Can I win if I kill no one?

The truth is- most days' I do. (not win a million dollars---- I SURVIVE, as do my children, bicuspids intact, generally.)

99 percent of the time--- Mothering runs along ok. and then there are days like this.

It's only 7:23. I would LIKE to think it will get better now. But, it may not.

I am trying to minimize the potential danger zones.... like cooking dinner- (we're currently waiting for the pizza guy.)

I'll be knitting with soft plastic needles---- we'll watch a lame movie, eat on paper plates.....probably with our fingers... no point risking utensil injuries.....

Quite possibly I'll wrap them all up in bubblewrap- (don't be ridiculous- of course not their heads....) then tuck them in bed.

Maybe- then, I'll eat some cookie dough. Raw.

Or- I suppose- I could pray.

Truth is-- I really DO FEEL like God was with me today---- as bad as it was. It could have been worse. Even the fact that I went to the hospital- and was totally prepared to do "the hold-down" for a stitch-up- is God. I knew I could do it without passing out- and I wouldn't be alone. He was with me.

Though- I'm SO GLAD I Didn't HAVE TO!!!!!!!!

So- why post? For just this reason- cause- someday- maybe not soon- as a mom- you'll face a "survivor" day, and just maybe- you'll think of this experience- and have hope- that you can make it...

Trust me, if I can, you can.

Dear Lord- I thank you AGAIN for all my "guys" I pray that you help us survive the rest of this day, I pray that you help me to remember--- that EVERY day isn't like this, and I can make it thru the ones that are. Lord- I just plain ask for help- I'm pooped. I'm so glaad you're here with me- I love you Lord- amen.

Now- for your further encouragement---- *pictures*--- because- to Noah--- everything is a SHOW. He wanted daddy to see his teeth. Which he said-- "He misses" (his teeth- AND his daddy) .

However- as a point of authenticity- the toothpaste pushed me over the edge- Noah spent 15 minutes in time out for that one- there are no pictures- it wasn't cute. I've had all the patience and good attitude I can muster for one day.

I'm all out.

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