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Friday, May 19, 2006

Just one more thing I don't "get"

I have a question.... serious... this not a joke.

Ok. Here's what I don't get. (Well, one of many things, actually)
In general, the American culture is negative towards Christians, true?
So, if they don't LIKE us. Why the heck do we think they will come to HUGE gatherings of "US"?
i.e. megachurches.

Better question, why do they? Or, do they?

Is it somehow less threatening to be in a large group, so that you're not "noticed"? I don't get it. I see the ministries of Mega churches... and I see benefits. But, it doesn't make sense in a culture that is often hostile towards Christianity.
Here is what I found... It's kind of scary: (be warned, this is one person's's very critical, of specific ministries)
What scares me about this person's post, is, what if, we're providing exactly what he's talking about, what if we THINK we're doing outreach, but really we're entertainment, and a joke?

Sad. Frightening. Not because of anyone's thoughts or perceptions of Christians on the whole, but because of the mission of the church, and the seriousness of missing the mark.
Dear Lord, I pray that I not be "entertainment" instead of ministry. Please God, help me to love people, and sincerely reach out to them in your love, for the purpose of bringing them to you. I love you Lord- amen

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