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Monday, May 15, 2006

On being a Mom

I've been called a lot of things...a Christian, a wife, a leader, a follower, a woman, a sister, a friend, a daughter- stepdaughter, grandaughter, a speaker, a teacher,.......

And, some other things that are not so nice- ;)

One of my favorite things to be called is "Mom". There are only three people on this earth- who call me that--- My guys- And, I love it.

Being a Mom is a lot of things- a calling, a privilege, a challenge.

I have three boys. Having 3 boys, (being a mom) has STRETCHED and changed me in a number of ways.

Physically, yeah- I'm "Marked'. Let's just say-I'm waiting for when thigh and tummy "zebra" stripe tatoo's are in--- I'll be ahead of the game- while NEVER having to have the whole needle thing. ;)

3 pregnancies in 3 different decades have--- left their mark on my body. (OK- sounds dramatic if I say it that way--- but I had one child in 89, one in 92 and one in 02.....see- three different decades)

Socially- naturally I'm a "girlie -gurl mom"---- but by association, and experience- I'm now a "guys" kind of Mom. I bait my own hook. I fish . I camp . I have been known to knock them on their butts on occaision. (However- wrestling with the teens would hurt me- well- I THINK I could still kick butt- but I am not risking it...)

Emotionally- from pregnancy hormones- to fears- to emergency room trips- to recognizing my own short-comings and assumtions--- and learning simple joy....being a mom- has stretched me emotionally.

Spiritually- Being a mom- has stretched my faith. Seeing my kids grow and change- has stretched it--- surviving our family trials - has stretched it. Needing more than what I have to give--- has stretched me spiritually. Being a Mom- helps me see even more clearly my need for God. (besides- sometimes- I am convinced- that God keeps me from killing these people. ;)

I guess- today- I just wanted to say---

First- to God- Thank you- for blessing me with motherhood. And, for sustaining me through it!

Second- to my Husband----I love you- and love parenting with you--- I would NOT want to do this without ya. You're my favorite person.

Finally- to the three guys that call me Mom-

I love you. I love being you're mom.

Happy Mothers Day.

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