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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Secret Pal 9 Thank You! Wow!

print of the wave in the sun....

Wow! My first Secret Pal 9 Package arrived! All the way from England! What a thoughtful- sweet and beautiful package! There are two UK Knitting Magazines, (which were devoured upon arrival, with an appropriate cup of Earl Grey, as the sun has not been out in Michigan in DAYS, and it's perfect curl up on the couch and browse magazine weather!)

There is beautiful lace-weight "Fiberspates" Yarn, which is produced in Wales, (where my Great- grandparents lived prior to coming to the States, and where my Grandmother was born!) There is also a beautiful Calendar, full of pics of the UK... My SP even wrote a lovely letter, taking me on a pictoral tour, of where she's been, lived and worked! In addition, to all the above are English Rose Scented Drawer sachet's which I put immediately into my knitting bags!

There were even 2 large pages of dinosaur stickes for Mr Noah! Which he promptly stuck all over his half naked body;)

All I can say- is THANK YOU!!!!

print of the wave in the sun.... 002

Next up---- After blocking pics of the Print of the Wave Shawl.... as requested;) The sun is NOT very cooperative it's rainy, overcast and gloomy here, lately! If you;d like to better see the stitches in thes pics, click the pic, then you can see the enlargements at flickr!;)

print of the wave in the sun.... 008 Here is a corner- up close and personal. I was incredibly intimidated by that border, especially the corners, I'm happy how they've turned out!

Here's a pesudo- artsy hanging in the doorwall shot :print of the wave in the sun.... 009

print of the wave in the sun.... 001 And finally- among the leaves in the this was AFTER Noah and Daddy had already de-leafed the yard... Why is it that Willows are the last to drop their leaves? Like WAY last..... after everything else is long gone?

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