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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Niagara.... rainbows

niagara06 041

DH's Christmas Party was in Canada.... we made a weekend of it... back to regular blogging after I finish the laundry... for now...

niagara06 051

A few pics of my favorite people.... in one of the prettiest places.......

niagara06 022

Last year we came here as well- it ewas icy and overcast.... pretty, but this year? Gorgeous.

niagara06 020

Even the teens were enthralled enough not to notice pictures being taken (Hence the absence of disgusted looks on their faces....they hate it when I take their pictures..)

niagara06 019

We're pretty sure that YES, their spit DID freeze before hitting anything..... (boys!)

niagara06 015

One of my favorites...Noah at the end of the rainbow....hmmmm had I not been busy taking pictures- I'd have yelled at Daddy for holding him that close to the edge....

niagara06 009

OK--- so i jus loved this one too--- so pretty!

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