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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

We interrupt todays blog--- to bring you "Tree Guacamole"

My regular post is over at "Laced With Grace" Today..... find out what happens, when the dog eats baby Jesus.....
But now- for your entertainment.. A day in the life of.....

This was not my planned post. This was not my planned DAY. Caution- this is a rant, a pity party and a complaint session. It is not a rant in the classical sense- as it isn't directed towards anyone--- but towards my general day. On with the show:
  1. Scenes of my day- in chronological order:
    1) I could not sleep last nt, because I drank iced tea with my dinner. (I got to sleep around 1:30 and was up around 5:00)
    2) I learned the hard way, that yes- 12 miles per our, can indeed, be too fast. See picture. The neighborhood association will not like this. OOPS.
    3) While my heart was racing, and the truck was spinning, and I was trying to predict whether we'd hit a small tree- or a large one and whether the stupid airbag would explode in my face (it did not) a four year old in the back seat yelling "WHEEEEEEE! This is fun Mommy!" Does not strike one as funny. Although- admitedly, it does now.
    4) Teenagers think it is hilarious when their mother runs over a tree. They call the residual tree clinging to the bumper "Tree guacamole" and laugh hysterically. (And, slightly maniacaly, I might add)
    5) On the way home- we stopped to pick up some needles I needed to make Noah some new mittens- per his request. When I got out of the car at the grocery store- (our final stop) The bag fell out of the car and the needle rolled to oblivion.
    5) When arriving safely back in the neighborhood, (yes it was 100 yards from home that Inmanaged to hit a tree) I grabbed the camera that was left in the truck, to take a pic of the less than impressive damage, the digital camera was dead. As in screen doing strange things... and won't work kind of dead. (I have another- hence the pics) Not a battery is dead kink of dead.
    Oh just FYI---- there is no good way to call your husband while he's in another country and tell him you've run into a tree. He will freak- somewhat- even if you're laughing to cover the tears. But if you post a picture of said tree, on your blog- he will see you're not lying that it was under 4" around, and not tell you to stay home until he arrives. Right, honey?
    Nothing left to do, but pray-
    Dear Lord, I know you have a plan for our days, but I gotta tell you Lord- Today? I'd have picked another one. I wasn't nuts about this one! I thank you for your protection, though- and that there wasn't damage done. I ask you to help me through the rest of this day- amen.
tree guacamole 002

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