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Friday, January 05, 2007

Why it's quiet .....well--- blog wise anyways;) Forest Canopy Shawl

experiments 005

Kidsilk Haze "Violetta"

experiments 010

Forest Canopy Shawl- from "I'm knitting as fast as I can" US #7 Lantern Moon Circulars I'm at 12 repeats.... am making it bigger;)

experiments 012

I'm thinking blocking will work it's magic.... but not sure about this at this point... totally went a different route than the recommended yarn....

tree 002

Looks a little like my cat ate Barney and responded as I do when I hear Barney... By puking.

tree 019

This is our vampiress Cat--- Truffles Biscotti: AKA Blit. (Short for blitiot) She purrs when you come near her. This saves her life-and her place in our home. Because outside of that- she's nocturnal (ummm we're not) she's clumsy, (falls off of things even though she DOES have her claws...our declawed cat is graceful. Never falls and is Perfect. (Cappucino- AKA: Keeb) She also likes laundry. A LOT.
Things I think everyone should listen to: This weeks "Mars Hill" message originally given to Pastors at an Acts 29 gathering. I rec this for anyone who shares their faith or teaches..
Ravi Zacharias Just Thinking and Let My People Think. For any Christian.
Trinity Church Podcast in Lansing MI--- esp this weeks with Mark Kring For anyone.

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