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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Nashua Handknits- Baby's First Aran, Oh my word- I'm in love!

Dearest friends, visitors and loved ones:

I have a confession. I am yet again- in love. No worries about my marriage I'm not talking adultery- I'm talking, knitting..... Baby Aran Knitting!

After weeks of searching for the perfect pattern, for some very special friends new baby- I finally found one! It's from Nashua Handknits "Bloom" Booklet. It's called "Baby's First Aran" (Click to see the booklet and where it can be purchased.)The booklet has a number of projects I'll be making- it has great, beautiful, wearable baby goodies!

I'm knitting it in the softest, machine washable wool- in the babiest blue, of course. I'm using my Lantern Moon Ebony US #8's I'm knitting the 6 month size. I wasn't sure whether I could manage the pattern, there are a 3 different cable patterns in a 24 row repeat. But dog-gone it---- I can! ;) (Chants: "I think I can, I think I can " chugging like the little train that could, through her pattern repeats;)

I can't wait to finish it and send it to a sweet little "Irish" guy- whose mommy and daddy are awesome.

Next up in knitting news- I'm finishing up "Something Red" in black, of course! The pattern is available at Knit N Tonic as a download- in the left- hand sidebar. I have to re-knit the button band--- I ignored the pattern and just picked up by "eyeball" that was lame- ended up puckering like a Sharpei. Will re-knit- finish and block tonight- If I can pull myself away from the adorable, addictive baby cables.......

I'm thinking about wearing it to the Ann Arbor Library, Sunday, when I go to see The Yarn Harlot. I'm torn between wearing this- my CPH (blue cabled hoodie) or a piece of lace........(as if it matters- but I don't get to meet- see hang with other knitter often- so this is a big knitting day out for me!)

PS- the pox that has been upon us ( in the form of strep) is abating. We're still pushing ibuprophen and antibiotics..... but are down to runny noses and crankiness- (Crankiness is mostly mine) PS- sick kids = a lot of knitting time.

Something Red in black... '

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