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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Random update....chevron scarf, still cleaning......If you give a room a cleaning, it will need to be vacuumed....

Chevron Scarf stats: here
Still making progress, though it's mostly in snippets, between bouts of cleaning.
If you give a room a walk through-
If you give a room a walk through,
It will ask you to be cleared.
If you clear the clutter,
It will ask you for a dusting.
If you dust it,
It will cry for fingerprints to be cleaned.
If you wipe the prints,
It will whine to have cobwebs cleared.
If you clear the cobwebs,
you'lll notice the dirt in the carpets corners
If you vacuum up the dirt,
The carpet will need to be cleaned.
If you clean the carpet,
You'll notice the messy bookcase.
If yu straighten up the bookcase,
The entertainment center calls your name.
If you clean the entertainment center-
You'll notice the windows need to be wiped
If you wipe the windows,
You'll notice the sills are covered in dust.
If you wipe the sills,
You'll notice the curtains need to be washed.
While you're washing the curtains,
The pillows will look funky.
If you wash the pillows,
You'll notice the couch cushions need to be vacuumed.
If you vacuum the cushions....
You'll need to lie down.
If you lie down.... you'll notice more dirt.
Close your eyes- you've done enough.
(Loosely based on "If you give a mouse a cookie" a favorite at our house)
(Working in the livingroom this week.... can you tell? This afternoon's planned task? Move the couch and clean out from underneath it------THAT should be interesting.... probably some home-brewed- hard cider under there----I think Noah's been experimenting with micro-brewing in juiceboxes under there....)
The windows in my living-room are currently naked. As a reward for making progress in my spring cleaning, I picked up new sheers. The new sheers are in the dryer- trying to remove the wrinkles without actually ironing. (I don't iron without causing damage;) The light coming in today is lovely... I love sunshine! (Couldn't resist taking pics...a short diversion -also between cleaning bouts.)
I'm still on track with "" . It's interesting doing work in 15 minute increments....(although- I tend to run over the timer;) I don't feel like I have to work the current area all at once- until it's finished. (Which was just making me feel overwhelmed and then, procrastinate :0!)
I do however have a desperate question....
If I give my dog* pseudophed- will she stop leaving dog snot nose-prints on the windows?????? It's driving me NUTS!
Dear Lord- I thank you for the sunshine streaming through the windows and for the rain that's making everything start to bloom....I love you Lord- amen.
***Please don't bother calling PETA....Bad Dog Sami isn't being drugged--- I've been tempted- but not yet sinned;)
sorry for the re-posts- trouble with blogger today;)

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