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Monday, April 23, 2007

Accidental Earth Day Celebration.....chevron scarf- in artyarns silk

Accidental. No, Really. Our attending the Earth Day Festival at the Matthai Botanical Garden, in Ann Arbor was an accident. We're not a worship the Earth before it ends... kind of family. We're more of a take care of the Earth to honor God- since it's His creation- you're goofing with, kind of family. So how did we end up at the festival?
The Botanical Garden is one of our favorite- sunny day family hike spot. (They hae a very easy 1 1/2 mile trail) Since Saturday was spent cleaning the garage....changing the oil in the car... Cleaning the driveway because the pan of oil ended up spilled.. (Father and son they'll get it done..) .. cutting the grass.... basically, a continuance of the Spring Clean-a-thon, we needed a break. Sunday was a funday. We didn't remember it was Earth Day until we arrived at the BG and discovered our normally quiet spot- over run with Earth friendly activities of every kind.

Total accident.
I've never seen so much tie-dye and Birkenstocks in one place. (I'll refrain from making any fashion color commentary, as I recently decided that my favorite sweats need to be disposed of because they're falling apart--- and I haven't done it yet! It's on my to-do list;)

There were Bubbles:

earthday 048

earthday 047

There were other kids- there- I promise... but well- I don't want to go to jail or get sued for putting their pics up;)

There was planting of seeds- then transplanting them in the yard....

earthday 026

earthday 001

Oops- couldn't edit this one fre of other kids.... sorry bout that;) And, as a side note- the seeds are in the ground right near little guys feet.... but- at the time of this picture's taking- the hose had become a gun to shoot the birds at the back of the yard. Boys!

There was a nature walk with treasures found:

earthday 072

earthday 023

There were flowers in the conservatory: (No weapons- just flowers... this was Earth Day... not a game of CLUE!)

earthday 036

earthday 032

There were even flowers knitted!

earthday 057

Well---- kind of--- This is my Chevron scarf--- my third start , actually. ( don't ask... let's just say the directions are to find two COMPLEMENTARY yarns... I tend to be a bit matchy/ matchy---so using yarns that don't MATCH or COORDINATE was a stretch for me....) It's a pattern from Last Minute Knitted Gifts .

I've substituted the yarn- since it's like 75 degrees here--- (made that number up- it's warm, though- I promise;) it's too warm for the wool sock yarn called for in the pattern- so I'm using Artyarns silk.... it's like knitting with rose petals..... yum. I have yet to finish my CPH... but I'm all about the chevron at the moment!

Details: Artyarns hand painted regal silk in color ways #119 (green) and 115 (pink/orange) It's thicker than the yarn called for so, I'm using size 7 Needles. (Holz and Stein Circs)

There was a ride on Daddy's shoulders to the car.....

earthday 076

There was soccer in the yard:

Copy of earthday 019

This pic was a moment of collusion against one of the teens- between dad and son.. they were gonna "'astract (distract) him, I believe.

Finally- a very tired little guy- at the end of the day;)

earthday 041

Happy Accidental Earth Day! It was for us!

(I never thought I'd say that--- even in print;)

Genesis 1:1
"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."

Jeremiah 51:15

"He made the earth by his power, and he preserves it by his wisdom. He has stretched out the heavens by his understanding."

Dear Lord- Thank you for the beautiful world you've created- give me wisdom to care for and enjoy it---- as you've intended. Amen.

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