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Monday, May 07, 2007

Extreme Home Makeover, Playscape Edition

Rental truck- $19.99
3 Trips to Meijers- including praying for missing pieces to turn up- $10.00 *gas is up:(
Half -price (gotta love that) clearance sale "Little Tikes Endless Adventure Playground"
Dinner at a local restaurant to pay-off the teenaged help-$50.00
Misc Sunburn care products for the very PINK sunburned daddy contractor- $20.00
A trip to Marshalls for new towels for my clean bathroom- (And to get me away from the project, because NO ONE wants to hear me give advice on building....) $20.00
our own " extreme home makeover- playscape edition"
A very happy boy playing in his very own back yard

PS- for once- the boxes were not more interesting than their contents-;)

playscapeday 002

No injuries- NO trips to Home Depot--a very busy (like 6 hours of building- busy) weekend!

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