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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Chevron Scarf knitting.. and HELLO! My knitting met the President!!!!!!!!

robin's egg chevron

Inspiring colors- captured in yarn....
I know--- enough with the eggs already..... a post about that obsession is in the works- but for now- yes I'm still knitting;) (in short bursts between cleaning tasks)
The yarn- is Elizabeth Lavold Silky Wool (the brown_
And Rio De La Plata Merino SOck in "Harbor Blue" Here-to-fore known as: "Robin's eggs in shade"

chevron update 2

The silk chevron is still growing slowly.....

knitting 003

A quick chevron dishcloth! Had to actually FINISH something!

And, in true ADD Knitter style- a quick chevron dishcloth to grace my very clean, kitchen;)
Sugar and cream cotton....
I adapted Domesticat's pattern
I used US size 7's - cast on 33- knit in pattern till I thought I'd run out of yarn.... then bound off on a wrong side row.. (so the ends would curl out the same way)
As for the title of this post???? I mean literally. My knitting, met The PRESIDENT of the United States!
To see the evidence: visit Katrina , she was my SP 9 pal t0 spoil.... During our round of SP... she sadly lost her police officer brother. Not knowing how else to help- I knit her a comfy shawl in deep purple KSH- in the "forest canopy" pattern...
She went to DC for National Police week... and wore her gift- when she met the prez! Click over and scroll down to see the pic!
Regardless of your politics- ya gotta admit that's pretty cool;)
(Just hoping SS doesn't contact me to knit one for the prez....that wouldn't be right;) Although, I'm sensing something in a red white and blue theme there! Tacky, but patriotic!
PS: Noah (the youngest bugger around here) has stopped asking why he smells "pool water." Apparently we're making progress in the housekeeping department- as the bleachy scent of toilet cleaning is now more recognizable than a trip to the pool.....;)
Thanks "Flylady"

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