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Friday, May 11, 2007

dirt. seeds. the question ? .. will they grow?

Had I touched them- probably not. (I call myself the "kervorkian" of plants.... only plants who are ready to die end up at my doorstep)
But the boy? Along with his dirty nails...he's got a green thumb. The seeds he planted last weekend- have already sprouted. They were in a "Veggie Tales" Learning kit. Cute. A great introduction into gardening. Although, try to convince a 5 year old that his BOB AND LARRY VEGGIE TALES GARDEN will be growing FLOWERS.... and he'll announce: "That's just wrong." Take my advice, if you want to avoid circular reasoning. Buy the veggie kit. It's a tough argument to win.
Best part? Noah got to practice gardening- and I didn't have to muck up my nails. ;) (Hate getting dirt under my acrylics...sand is ok.... but dirt? HATE that.)
The Spring Cleaning Frenzy, is just about complete. Not perfect- but, boy is this place in better shape than it was.
It was also- A. Lot. Of. Work. Blah. Knitting has been slow- as cleaning has taken precedence. I haven't been doing much writing- either- 'cause mostly- I just need to get my house in order. Balance should be restored shortly. The pendulum swings. (So do my hormones)
My experiment with the "Fly Lady" (think: flying. Not BUGS.) is successful. Annoying at times... but successful. (I've already admitted that I don't like to be told what to do. And, just to maintain my autonomy- and remain true to myself, I ocassionally "defy the fly"... just cause I can. I'm THAT mature. It's true.)
To celebrate the progress- (and the fact that I can go to bed without moving laundry off of it first) I bought new sheets- from Target. On clearance- of course. Our local Target store has them for 50% off. They are 800 thread count- and cheap as I am...(we still sleep on sheet from our wedding 1988. They aren't in the "rotation that often- but they are- it's true;) I have to admit I will probably go buy some more this afternoon. They are soft and smooth, as can be.
These sheets make me want to make my bed and then, lie in it. I think I'll take a nap!

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