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Monday, June 04, 2007

A run in with reality. Literally. Supporting our Soldiers

Careening around the corner came a grocery cart with a toddler in the seat. Giggles met my ears long before I saw the them. Good thing- too, or I may not have made it out of the way! After jumping to a safe spot, I caught the eye of the "driver".

He was a handsome, clean cut- looking kid. He was also standing on the back of the cart (where I always forget things- the rack) and using it like a skateboard. Shoving off the ground with one foot and coasting around the corner. A grocery store move, I'm familiar with.

He had that "Big brother making little brother giggle till- he pee's his pants" kind of look on his face. I smiled a "I'm a mom, I'm not gonna kill you for nearly nailing me with a cart, cause you're playing with you're brother" smile. It's something I've seen my kid do a number of times.... (and yelled at him for each time.)

That's when my eyes also caught sight of what he was wearing. A uniform. Deep green..... army green. This kid-this big brother playing at the grocery store- kid who could be mine, was in the service.

My heart skipped a beat. Reality knocked the wind out of me. That kid could be mine. MY KID could be preparing to go into the service. How would I feel?

Walking a few paces behind- was the mom. Our eyes met. I smiled. A sisters in motherhood smile. That kid is hers. Over the weeks since this happened- I've prayed for them both. And for the little guy left behind. Missing his big brother.

Regardless of your political view--- I ask you to think about those kids. (Ok- those adults) Those moms, wives and families. The reserves- all of the ones serving our country. Right now.

They could be yours. They could be mine- in a way they are all of ours. Our soldiers.

Let's pray for them and support them.

Dear Lord- I pray especially for that soldier in the grocery store. That you'd be with him, where ever he is. And for his mom and family... that you'd be a comfort in their struggle. I pray for the war we are in.... God I pray for those who are dying. On both sides. I pray for the Muslim Mom- her whole family in so much danger. I pray for wise leadership- and I pray for an end to the war-- I love you Lord- and ask you to be near all those involved- amen.

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