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Monday, July 09, 2007

Extreme adventures in family camping... or at least in surviving the drive home.

Wednesday was a, we had plenty of time to pack up and make sure the house was clean before we left for a family camping trip. Bad (but sweet) Dog Sami was at her favorite Pet-Sitters. The cats were prepared (as always) to take over the house. Laundry was ready for the trip AND for the re-entry upon our the return.

Although we were surrounded by campfires, playscapes, fishing hooks and hatchets.... there were no major injuries. Even the great Beetle bombardment, was fairly quickly quenched.

There was much:

Toe toasting by campfire

toasty toes

Perfect S'more's making


Go Carting... (this look on my middle son's face worries me about drivers ed)

way too serious




Bumper boating... (which resulted in a soaking wet Dad, and happy sons)

camping 027

Our "Little House on the Campground"

camping 055

A bit of beaach front near fort gratiot lighthouse

bit o beach

Fort Gratiot Lighthouse- (well- all that I could get in the lens from the terrible angle we had:()

fort gratiot lighthouse

A fruitful trip to Mary Maxims: below left to right: Aracania Nature Cotton, Debbie Bliss Pure Silk, Austermann Step, Mondial, Lana Grossa Cotton blend....a few notions and such;)

debbie bliss pure silk, lana grossa, mondial

There was also: Yahtzee, wifi, and plenty of bacon and barbeque. (WIth the exception of Chinese one night... what can I say?)

The trip had gone too smoothly- I should have known a storm was on the horizon.

Let's start with leaving for home on a day with 102 degree heat. In Michigan? Yes-

Here's the proof:

the evidence

Next- let's add the air conditioning dying in my truck- about 30 minutes into our ride home.

Add 2 adult sized sons and a car seated preschooler to the back seat of my way to small and air-conditioning free- mini suv.

Add a slight sunburn and the desperate need for rolled down windows. (Ouch... let's just say my left shoulder smells a bit like barbeque... but it's just me, roasted.)

To the mix... please add strange car trouble which created the uncanny ability of my truck to not be able to travel faster than 30 mph.

The result? Well- let's just say that our 90 minute relaxing drive turned into a 3+ hour sauna. I didn't even lose weight. (I weighted myself when I got home.. just to check...) Somehow- I managed to sweat AND swell.... GREAT. Just. My. Luck.

The topper? My husband's need to leave this morning for a business trip to Denver. This made stopping and getting a room and fixing the vehicle this morning (we came home on Sunday... no chance of car repair on Sunday afternoon..) before finishing the drive home- impossible.

People. I put my knitting DOWN... I was working on a Monkey sock...

trekking XXL pro natura

and it was too hot to knit. A SOCK! Unbelievable. (Trekking XXL Pro Natura- Monkey sock pattern By Cookie A.. on

Well- as I am posting- you've already surmised that after cool showers, a nice tubby and many glasses of cold water on arriving home... we made it.

Maybe we were towing too much weight... it could have been one of wo things that put us over.. my shoes, or my knitting bag. Both of which were certainly necessities;)

More tomorrow... when I'm finished with the laundry and cleaning out the camper (I hope;)

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