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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fiber GodMother, THANK YOU! Mitered Squares blanket, Debbie Mumm "Traditions", and Pumpkin Pie "Thuja Socks"

fiber godmother goodies;)

Happy Mail! I participated in the "FiberGodmother" Swap- and wow! A box that must have made my mail-person cringe... it was HEAVY!

You can click through to flickr to see the descriptions- Suffice to say= YUMTASTIC! Gorgeous handpaint roving..reading materials beautiful and cute stitch markers..... CHOCOLATE... a Morsbag in an adorable sheepy print;) Dark chocolate peanut M & M's A wonderful pkg- thnx so much!

mitered squares Debbie Mumm Mitered Squares Blanket from "Mason Dixon Knitting" I'm using a new yarn- Debbie Mumm "Traditions" I found at JoAnn's Etc (the mega store).

Apparently- this yarn is tough to find- it's a Jo-Ann brand- and seems to only be available at the bigger stores) but I must have had a lucky day;)

My goal with this project is to make a "fall" inspired throw. The yarn's color changes are lovely, and they are blending well together. The yarn itself has a few "quirks" mostly due to the type of yarn, not the quality. It's a loosely spun wool plied around an acrylic core. Once in a while the wool "bunches up" and I have to smooth it out a bit with my hand. Not a big problem. There are also a few (2 or 3) knots in each ball- since I'm working in squares it doesn't bug me-however- if i were using it for a large- one piece project- it might.

I'd compare it to noro transitions ( and other various noro's) - minus the sticks and twigs. Also- big plus- this is only $5.99 a ball. Another plus- I like the tonal variant here- better than the multi colors.

I'm knitting this on US 6 bamboo needles and I like the fabric. I think I will be using the brown variegate for the mitered border..... But that's open to change.

thujathujathuja- DH

Pumpkin Pie Quickie Thuja's

US #6 DPN's (I'll go down when I make these again)

Moda Dea Washable Wool in Tangerine (Another nice surprise from JoAnn Etc)

These are "hunt socks" for my husband- thick- soft wool- to wear with his boots. At 2 1/2 days to knit- really- how can you beat that? What has taken me so long to knit this pattern?

Will be casting on at least 2 more pair- for my other hunters- and will work up a tiny pair for the little guy;)

Hmmm I may need some too;)

orange would be cute with my croc's for fall;)

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