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Friday, October 05, 2007

Just Me and Noah......Welcome to date day!

The sun is shining. There is no rain. There doesn't seem to be a flood on the horizon and animals are not lining up 2 by 2. (The 2 cats, however, are fighting in the hallway!)

But today- it's all about me and Noah. My Noah. The most incredible 5 year old, that I know. Friday's are "our days." I've talked previously about dating my kids. Somehow- our dating tradition has taken an interesting turn with Noah. The emphasis is heavy on tradition.

On Fridays, we go to "Fridays" He seems pretty set on the idea that "Friday's" is where you MUST go on Friday. A law, rule or at least tradition not to be broken. So, nearly every week, we head out for our lunch date. I ask, each week, "Where should we go?" and he laughs. "Duh, Mom it's Fwiday! We have to go to Fwidays!" (those "w's" are not typo's he's having a little trouble with "r's" ;) Some weeks he starts asking "Is it Fwiday yet?" On Monday. (He sounds a lot like the rest of us.)

Noah's menu never varies. He starts with Fried Mac ' Cheese, (something surely thought up by the devil to inflate my thighs, especially when dipped in ranch dressing!) then moves on to pasta with sauce and "parmish" (his very informal and special word for parmesan). Rootbeer from a bottle is his extra special treat.

I have iced tea and whatever menu item my hormones call for at the moment.

After lunch we head to the "bookstore." We talk about books, read them (and more often than not) buy at least one. After that the schedule varies- we might hit a park, or head home. Usually we end up on the couch with our new books being shared.

Friday is our special day to savor together- once he's in school (soon- working on that plan) we'll simply shift our time. Traditions change with my kids needs. But the memories don't. They are forever.

In the busyness of mothering- I'm learning to pause- and enjoy. How bout you?

Psalm 90:12

Teach us to number our days aright,
that we may gain a heart of wisdom.

Lord- I pray that you'd help me make time and number my days right... take my schedule Lord- my laundry, my housework, ministry and responsibilities.... show me and help me to take up your priorities- I love you Lord- make every moment count- amen.

***Updated with pics from our day out--- it was EXTRA special- bookstore AND the park;)

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