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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Beagle prayers needed....

our girl SamiThis is our girl Sami- usually I have something ridiculous to say about her.

Like: she ate my cracker barrel rocker, (well- ok- part of it) or, she licks the boys face as an appetizer to her dog food... or that when confronted that sharing with the dog could lead to germs--- Noah responds "She doesn't mind." Ridiculous stuff like that.

Not tonight. Tonight, I'm asking for prayers of our girl. She had a rough evening. Looks like she has a seizure. This resulted in my turning into a puddle of crying goo- after trying to do a doggy heimlich maneuver- 'cause I thought she was choking.....then a frantic visit to the emergency clinic. She couldn't stand- just flopped on my lap (all 30 lbs of her) on her side- and paddled her feet like she was running. Breathing was "weird." Noah said she wasn't blinking. Neither was I. And, I may have been holding my breath- too. It lasted probably a couple of minutes. VERY LONG MINUTES. I think I prayed- I know I cried out Jesus name- asking without much in the way of words -for help.

By the time we located the number of the clinic- and had her leash- she jumped up to go to the door. "Bye bye" is her favorite place;) I think that's when I started to breathe better- myself.

The emergency vet said it may never happen again. (We're going for what's behind THAT door- thank you very much) Or- it could start happening more often.... or once in a while.

I don't remember ever having a pet have a seizure. It's a scary thing. Fortunately, DH was home--- but unfortunately so were all the kids. At one point Noah asked if Sami was dying. That's what pushed the tears out of where ever I was holding them in at.

Everything is quiet now. Sami's sleeping- I'm calm,(er) the kids are fine. But- if you have a second- we'd appreciate prayers for our girl Sami. Yeah- she's a dog- and she's even sometimes bad--- but she's ours. And we love her to bits.
Matthew 10:29

Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from the will of your Father.

Dear Jesus- I know- she's a dog- but she's ours- God if you care for sparrows- and count the very hairs of our heads- then I gotta believe you care for our girl Sami- please help and heal her- please help us as we take care of her--- and God? Please help me not turn into a pile of goo- if this happens again... I love you Lord- and am glad that even when all I could do was cry your name- you were there. amen

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