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Friday, December 14, 2007

On the blowing of candles and registration for the draft....

my boy Vanilla cake with chocolate frosting----Check

Sushi- check (and yuk.)

Quizno's Classic Italian 12" sub-Check

Sobe Energy drink- yellow- check

Salt and vinegar chips- check

(A strange combination for dinner- but the birthday boy's favorites- just the same.)

Birthday presents and cards- Wrapped and ready.

Dinner shared, lights off, candles blown, and cake eaten. Our family tradition of sharing favorite memories of the person being celebrated, was enjoyed by all. All the bases of a birthday have been covered. Or, so I thought.

After the celebrating was over- he announced- "Mom, you know I have to go to the post office" .... *blink, glazed look of confusion on the face of the mother. "Huh? Not NOW? Right?" I was in my comfy sweats- not exactly visit to the post office wear. "No but soon, I have to register for the draft." was his answer. Without thought, my face communicated what my heart was feeling. My husband and sons looked at me like I was crazy. (not the first time)

"You knew that" Was their reply. I suppose- somewhere in my brain that information was stored. But, it was stuffed in the back stored somewhere under: "things I don't have to think about." Until now. As a woman- turning 18 meant being able to vote- the ability to get into bars/clubs.... but register for the draft? Not so much.

Sure, we don't have a draft. But, we're at war. Every single day, husbands, sons and brothers, mothers enlist and are called on to serve and yes- to even fight.

Regardless of your political viewpoint, in honor of my boys birthday- and in honor of all the men/women serving or left behind-will you pray with me for them and for our nations leaders?

"Dear Lord- Today, I see the boy you entrusted into our care- become and official "adult." I still see the tiny boy with big eyes behind the 200 lb man who is now in his body. I love him as much as any mother loves her son- I pray that you'd be with him every day, continue to guide his choices and be at work in his life, where ever theat leads.

God for all those mom's, wives- sisters who have loved ones in the service- I pray that you'd be with both them and their loved ones with guidance, love, compassion, protection, healing and peace. I ask you to guide our nations leaders, and I pray for peace and security- two things that you alone can truly give. Amen"

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