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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Feb 6

February 06
catching up----
Feeling better- Aleve seems to work better than ibuprophen for me....

However I'm now being hit with some stomache thing... so post will be short....
I finished Tempting Sweater- actually, not crazy about the fit. (Or the fat I should say...)

My Fibergod- daughter recieved, and liked her pressies! Yay. And- just for the stalkers out there----I left an AMOUNT (undeterminable) of time before posting about it.

I also recieved a terrific pkg from my SP7! On friday there was an adorable heart covered padded pkg in my mail box-----

Stuffed with wonderful goodies! GORGEOUS Purple silk yarn..... chocolates- a sweet card... lavander flowers, and knitted pouch with a bar of yummy frankincense and myrrh soap! I'll post pics tomorrow- just feeling ucky at the moment----- but also thankful!

I also rec'd 2 sweet e-cards from my pal from last go round of SP--- she's a doll- and SUPER TALENTED... to see her "skills".

More of a post tomorrow- for now crashing on the couch- btw- between this week and last- I've decided- I HATE THIS COUCH.

However, the Steelers did win.


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