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Saturday, February 11, 2006

feb 8

Further catch up-------- man a week of sickness really puts you behind!
Picture pages, picture pages... time to get your paper and your crayons.....

Sorry- Captain Kangaroo hi-jacked my blog....


In a relevant culture--- I've just jumped the shark--- and landed in irrelevancy. Sorry.


Back to updates:

Pics below are long over due!!!!!

Another thnx to my SP7----- for the before mentioned pkg of fibery love....

You can see the gorgeous purple silk.... the lavander... the soap.. (Did you knit the little bag?--- way cute!)
the chocolate----which I now can eat without guilt... as I've posted a pic!)

You can't see the sweet card- in which she talks about my "heart work" as of late...... truth is---- I'm ALWAYS doing a lot of heart work.... interesting thing about walking with God---- He's always involved..... showing Himself--- and stuff about myself---- and tweaking things... never boring!

You can also see the felted bag my sis in law sent me--- adorable- thnx again! I'm now the proud owner of 2 Missie originals!!!!!!!!!!

You've got to check out her ETSY SHOP( link below) ---------- she makes the best stitch markers---- though.... the banana/monkey ones are gone---- and would have been perfect for my trip to see Curious George!!!!!! (scroll down for the monkeys) (etsy shop)

Also- you can see My completed "TEMPTING" It looks right--- with the exception of the ribbon.... (which has proved to be a pain in the behind to find--- everywhere local carries the hanah silk in 7/8" not the wider widths---- adn LOADS of the online sellers only offer them in huge rolls- for $40 and over,.... I only need like 3 1/2 yards! Anyway---- wide robbon was purchased from here- (in case you ended up at my blog by googling "Tempting" and will need Hanah Silk ribbon for completion!

I made the lg.... which fits- but- honestly--------- I'm not thrilled with the fit. I think it's better suited to skinny women.....bummer. I'll try it on and take a picture with the new ribbon-- then will decide.

Above and behind all the completed goodies---- you can see a design project I'm working on---- let's call it "Birch for Booty-ful Women" I've long been considering and purchased the Rowan Mag- twice--- to make the infamous "Birch" theres just something I love about it's look.... however- in practicality---- after 3 boys.. a triangular shawl as this one---- isn't the most attractive on--- basically- they'd point to the "booty" which I avoid doing at all cost.

So- I'm using the "Perky Leaves Ground" Pattern from "The Lacy Knitting of Mary Schiffman"

I wanted something yummy- sof- and warm... so cast on with knit-picks- Panache in Coal-- (If you haven't tried it--- do it- It's fabulous!) -on big size 10 Lantern Moons....(Ebony- nice for this project...)

I Cast on 55- with a "Cable Cast On" Which allows 2 GS on each side... I then basically knit up 5 yummy skeins- then transferred to addi turbos- as a stitch holder--- I then cast on the "Second tail" ... I'll decide and experiment with the join later... I'm thinking about adding a simple knit on border of "Mother's Handkerchief Edging" also from the same book---- the repeat, of 8 rows... which should line up nicely with the 16 row repeat in the "Perky Leaves"....

So that's my knitting catch-up---- I'm feeling better---- and will post more content later-

Dear Lord--- Thnx for helping me feel better--- being sick- DOES make me appreciate being well so more more! I also thank you for the the Heart work we do together---- you are incredible Lord- and I love you! Amen.

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