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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Germs that annoy and sicken us......

Sometimes it's just one thing after another!
3 kids- Three illnesses of varying types.

1 Spouse- one seperate illness.

One additional set of dysfunctional sinuses... my own seperate entity of sickness.

Add to this a poor little guy with his first cavity--- (which took the form of Saturday night crying....for hours---- a middle of the night trip out for -no kidding- at least 10 types of toothache medications---let's just say dad wanted to assure the little guys comfort!)

My home looks like a hospital ward....boxes of tissue... medications for all that ails.... blankets--- pillows--- pets run a-muck..

Let's blame it on the weather. Let's blame it on winter---- let's blame it on something and then go for vengeance! (how does one go about seeking vengeance on the weather???) Doubtful that will work.

At the moment- everyone is sufficiently medicated- I will be spending the afternoon in close proximity to the bleach bottle-- as I now go about exercising our home from the germ demons that are torturing us..... (ok--- torture is not an apt description....but we're sick of being SICK!!!!!!)

Things I'm looking forward to this week:

My guys feeling better.

Feeling better myself.

Leaving the house for something other than a "drug run" or Dr.s appointment....

Going to church.

Going to Velocity- (our churches' leadership/training meeting)

Celebrating my little guys 4th birthday!!!!! (today will be out family party------ looking like McDonalds.....and actually GOING IN to eat-----with lots of PLAYSCAPE time.....(i'll take ibuprophen before we go-------those places give me such a headache!!!!!)

Noah is 4 Yayayayayay!!!!!!

Finishing " Kiri" I am on the last repeat before the border!!!!!! Yes!

Finishing a baby-beach bum sweater I made for a baby shower this weekend... (a marled navy and cream cotton blend "hoodie" ) Just sewing it up!

Dear Lord- I ask you to continue to heal my family---- thank you for the drs and meds---- and having all that we need- I love you Lord- amen.

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