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Tuesday, March 14, 2006


What absolutey "revs your engine?"

What "provokes you" in the deepest sense?

What is it, that infuriates you?

What causes your heart to break?

I would answer like this:

(these things rev my engine)
My God.
My husband. (He's absolutely the best, besides he puts up with me!)
My family.
My friends.

Learning. Teaching. Writing. I guess i see no purpose to it - if you don't share what you learn...

People finding God- and growing in him.

Suffering Provokes me to acts of compassion.

Relationships. I am passionate about healthy relationships.... (though I'm not always the HEALTHY ONE in my relationships! If nothing else- I know I am imperfect- and a bit crazy.)

Working as a team.

Kids. Loving them- and teaching them.

Injustice infuriates me.

People not recognizing as God is active in their lives.....breaks my heart.

Worship experiences that are about "PEOPLE" instead of God- breaks my heart.

Lying infuriates me.

People learning what their "Thing" is and helping them "DO IT" Seeing them grow--- that totally rev's my engine.

So, in light of all this- what did I do today? Did I do anything that I'm passionate about?


What Will I do tomorrow? MORE.

What will YOU?

Dear Lord- I pray that I can always seek to serve you first, in the ways that you have "wired" me- I love you and ask you to fill me with your love for others- amen!

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