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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Knitting Blog? Oh, Yeah--- And Spinning too!!!!

April 25

I have the POWER!

Behold--- she takes flax and wool- and spins. She creates garments for her family of scarlet- to warm them. They do not fear winter......

(or something like that--- I know there's something similar in PROVERBS 31....BUT- THIS IS NOT A LESSONY TYPE POST--- THIS IS A "LOOKIE, WHAT I LEARNED" TYPE POST.

I started my spinning lessons a couple of weeks ago. I went to assauge the guilt of purchasing a spinning wheel I am too inept to actually use. Or, so I thought.

Now- I am Obi Wan... I have found my spinning Yoda. "Grasshopper--- can you snatch this pebbel from my hand???" "Why, yes- spinning master- I believe I can......"

I have found her- she resides here:


At the Spinning Loft. The owner is wonderful- and is a phenomenal teacher.

I am not an accomplished spinner- (duh) but- I actually MADE YARN! Photo evidence is below.

OK- maybe not quite so dramatic- and not really very important. BUT. I can do it!!!!!

The shop is loaded with beautiful fibers- of every color and texture imaginable. There are a number of wheels to try- and the owner- (Betty) is just as welcoming and encouraging as possible. She quickly picks up on your learning style- and communicates to you in a way- that you will surely understand.

All the things I READ online- and in magazines--- she brought to life- and helped my hands to do. She can see what I'm doing rt- and wrong--- and helps me to spin in my own way- yet in a way that will create a usable yarn.

So here are my little first fruits..... --the purple- is a luscious soft purple merino--- which I twisted into a mess. Betty told me to hold off on spinning that one...but I couldn't wait to try it. SLIPPERY. Uneven. I'll get better.

The red- cream is a corriedale/merino silk blend- top--- very nice- and not nearly as slippery--- much easier for my beginner fingers to manage.

Next are two bobbins of fuschia wool. The smaller of the 2 is my VERY first bobbin. The larger- I did this week at home- I thibk I'm developing a more even spin- and I'm happy with the plying. I have realized a few things:

1) I am going to need more bobbins--- or learn how to skein the yarn. (We're skeining washing etc this week)

2) Spinning is relaxing. Rhythmic. Textural.

3) I am not a big retarded spinning loser- after all.

4) I still think it's weird.

5) I like it anyway.

The pics also show my Debbie Bliss silk Kiri--- (had hoped it would be ready for Easter---- it wasn't.) I WAS about to start the border--- but in my artsy stupidity---- I dropped like 20 stitches off the end-and will now need to rescue- that section. That will require quiet- and chocolate. I'll have to wait.

There is also a red sock- (Interweave---- spring--- don't remember the name....) I decided I don't like the yarn--- (today anyway) so I plucked out the needles- and cast on with Louet Gems in a pretty purple--- much nicer hand--- not all rough and scratchy.

I also knit up a pair of socks---- which I'll put pics up to show tomorrow--- as I've decided they are a post in and of themselves.

Why? Because, I believe I have discovered "Freudian Knits".

Please don't be alarmed- I have not adopted Freud's theories--- however- there is something to be said for the sub-conscious--- and I think I'm doin some "Freudian Knittin" you'll understand tomorrow.

Try not to bust a blood vessel thinking about it...(Yeah- I know no -one will- but let me have my imagination!)

Going to Spin a bit more... (and laugh at myself as I do it... cause I still don't believe it.)

Dear Lord--- I know that Spinning is not important in the "Big picture"... but I have to say- It's incredible- the capacity you've created in each person-- to LEARN... to CREATE.....To move hands in a way as to accomplish a task. When I look at the amazing potential of your creation- both in people and the Earth- I am just amazed. Thanks for the reminder Lord---- I suppose you are with me and teach me--- even in the silly things-- like spinning! I love you Lord- amen.

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