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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

"Kiri'd to death........(click title for link to PDF...) or Multiple Project Disorder.....MPD.. and Me.

So do I even Knit? Why yes. Thanks for asking. I know my posts have been pretty varied as of late.... so I thought I better give a bit of an update- so I can't be accused of false advertising.

(Nottinbutknittin.... well--- kind of)

Currently, I'm suffering with a serious case of Multiple Project Disorder. This is similar in it's symptoms to Multiple Personality Disorder, but less pervasive.

OK- thats a bunch of crap- but a diagnosis sounds like a better excuse than and admission....

For the sake of authenticity... I guess I'll admit: I just can't seem to finish anything.

I just can't finish my silk Kiri. It's pictured here. I love how it's turning out... but- . the final rows?....... oh my word, they are ENDLESS.....I am on row 3 of the edging- after, 15 repeats of chart 2 (or B I don't remember which they called it) Now--- I am technically in the home stretch. But I am BORED. BORED. BORED.

In the pic is also Mr Big-Boys Potty Chart... it is sure motivating him... maybe I need achart and a reward--- for Kiri completion.....hmmm you'd think the end project would be reward enough....... but maybe--- I' need some accountability and external motivation......I wonder if I could find pretty yarn stickers???????

Not sure--- but I could sure distract myself from actually knitting- by searching for the right stickers to motivate my knitting--- I wonder if that counts???? Doubtful.;)

I have also finished 2 pair of socks- in the interim. (Multiple Project Disorder- told ya...) One in Knit Picks- Yukon -sock memories. I knit them with's "Broad Ripple pattern"

I also made a pair of pretty Koigu "Jaywannabees" (see pic----pink and purple) My interpretation of the fabulous Grumperina's "Jaywalkers"----only knit on US #2 needles. (Because I like socks FAST--- #0's are not for me) The pattern is from the Broadripples @ Knitty- - (with the exception of the YO's the look is similar) I just changed the cast-on and cuff to a K2P2 ribbing...--- then continued in pattern for the Broadripples.... voila--- "Jaywannabees" for the impatient. ;)

On the bobbins--- is my current spinning--- I am loving this. BTW. The blue is a pretty blue merino top- which I am plying with a merino/mohair blend in a pretty green variegate. The plied version is skeined. a pretty Marled blue and green. This is reserved for a secret project. There is also a red merino/tussah silk blend--- which is soooo smooth and soft to spin. should be great to knit as-well.;)

So there is the evidence- I am still knitting and spinning......;)

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