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Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Long and Winding Road..... (gotta love the Beatles)

Todays Food for Thought :


I am the Lord thy God...which leadeth thee by the way that thou shouldest go. (Isaiah 48:17b)

Read Isaiah 48 along with us today -----------

I envy my kids. No, really- sometimes I do. Not in the "I wish I had it so bad... you have so few responsibilities.. you're life is so rough" sort of way...(OK, sometimes that way too ;) But that's not my point.

Sometimes I envy their trust in their Father. This picture just captures it for me. Noah and Dad, sitting and discussing the world, planning their journey of exploration across the beach.

"Come on, Noah, We're going for a walk."

That's all it takes. Noah is ready to go, where ever his Daddy will lead him. He asks questions as they walk, but not usually about WHERE their going or what ROUTE they will take... just about "stuff" as Daddy calls it, when he's telling me about their talks and walks.

We're getting ready for a car trip this weekend, it's a journey we've made time after time. The 5 hour (ummm or longer if we need to stop at the outlet mall) ride, is peppered with questions. Yes- all three kids ask the ubiquitous question "Are we there yet?" And, the ever annoying "How much longer?" But I don't remember them EVER asking.. "Dad, are you sure you know where you're going?" or "Dad, I really doubt we'll get there this way" or even "Dad, are you driving in circles?"

My kids- even my teenagers (!), trust their Dad's leading.

You'd think, that after all these years of exploring God, I'd trust Him enough to just follow His lead, without doubting He knows how to get where He's taking me. Without asking questions like these:

" Lord- I know you SAID we're traveling in this direction... but I just don't see us getting there from HERE!" (I remember praying that question specifically, when we were totally convinced that we were to buy our first house.. but had no money for a down payment...God had a differnt method than I suggested...)

"Lord, I know you SAID you'd complete the good work you began in me..... but it looks like you stalled on the job" (I remember praying this when struggling through some marriage issues..God had even bigger plans in mind than what I thought needed to change..)

"Lord, I don't get it- you SAID you were restoring the years the locusts had eaten... but now this loss? The way your taking me isn't going to get us to your promise!" (It is)

When I look back- at my path, I can always see God's wisdom in routes. He's always had so much more in mind than I could understand.

But in the middle of the following? I question. Because, sometimes, God's leading doesn't make sense. (not to me, anyway)

See, I have issues. I think each path should be planned out for maximum effeciency. I Leave my house-planning to make the "loop"... I drive down one route- because I can make "all my stops" without back-tracking and wasting time. I multi-task. (you can see my post the yesterday- about how that works for me;)

If I'm I'm, in the livingroom, and I need to go to the bathroom, I know I have to pass through the kitchen, so I look around to see if I there are any dirty cups or dishes or garbage to take into the kitchen on my way. Maximizer Maximus.

(Or maybe I'm lazy, and don't want to go out of my way, later;)

In my journey with God? Let's just say The "way I shouldest go" may not be a straight line. But, a straight line is the shortest route between two points! Told you- it doesn't make sense.

Sometimes I feel like it's a walk in the desert. Everything looks the same, and it's hot and exhausting. Sometimes He leads me on a meandering beach walk. Picking up sea shells of truths, without really noticing what direction I'm going. Just walking.

Then there are times, when I feel like I'm holding God's hand through a frightening dark maze.

All the while... I'm asking my questions.

Am I old? Am I jaded? (maybe) Or am I just human? Maybe I have "father issues"... (well, yeah I suppose I do. How can you not when you grow up with pot (ocassionally) growing in your back yard, and it belongs to your dad? My Dad struggled with substance abuse until 17 years ago)

I'm not sure. But I'll tell you this, sometimes I envy my kids, I envy their trust in their Daddy's leading.

A father once asked Jesus to heal his son, "if He could" .......(click the Mark 9 below to read the rest..)

Mark 9
23" 'If you can'?" said Jesus. "Everything is possible for him who believes."
24Immediately the boy's father exclaimed, "I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!"

The man had faith-(or he wouldn't have asked) he believed- yet he admits to struggling. How did Jesus respond? Jesus healed his son.

Dear Lord- I see myself in this father... believing, yet struggling. I pray the words of the father "God I believe, help me overcome my unbelief" especially when the paths that you lead me in don't "make sense" to me. I know that your way is the way I should go- I love you Lord- and I trust you! Help me to be more like my boys- and follow where ever you lead! amen

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