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Monday, August 14, 2006

I'm BAAACK.............

Sunset on East bay:

Been a bit quiet around here.... we joined DH at a yearly industry event.....Well, the boys and I joined the BEACH and the POOL..... while Daddy was working.....The pics here will sum up the week quite nicely:traverse1o6 018
traverse1o6 007traverse1o6 012
traverse1o6 005traverse1o6 015traverse1o6 020

I am a bad Pal Knitter at the moment- I am behind in my THANK YOUS! I will post pics of my beautiful gifties that awaited me on my return....

Knit Sock Kit Pal: OH MY WORD! You ROCK! Claudia Handpaint... adorable bag....Oh the candy? GONE. Stitch markers... Knit picks circs....knitmints.....WOW!

One Skein PAL.... I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! Beautiful Colinette Bag and SOCKS That ROCK!!!!

Secret Pal've blown me away......Hemp yarn, (have been dying to try it) Mason Dixon... I'm casting on today.... Lopi yarn for felted boxes... in a color that MATCHES my living room!!!!! A beautiful angel figurine..... WHO ARE YOU ? I need a hint or something;)

More later- I promise-- for now- I need to get groceries... and finish laundry!

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