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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Knitting and where to find my posts today;)

pals and knitting updates.... 003
Here is whats ON and off my knitting needles.... Clockwise:
Top: My KSKS Bag in process....I promise it's prettier in person.... I'm, thinking chocolate colored silk lining... it will be Mint Chocolate chip by the time I'm finished;)

Right- the grey is Kid Silk Haze in a pretty silver... for YES another Kiri. On my Knit picks Options.... working beautifully. I'm on repeat 12.... Bottom:'s "Hedera" in Claudi handpaint....Next.. tiny socks for Noah In Regia. Noah socks are just plain cute. I must say. Besides, they're FAST.;) Finally....Koigu thoughtless socks for me... just something to knit at stop-lights;)

pals and knitting updates.... 004Here are the pics of my terrific pals and knitting updates.... 001

Close up of Kiri
Pal gifties I mentioned the other day! Top is my SP8
pile.... I forgot to mention the "Piddle loop* bag that I
had already tucked into my knitting bag!

Bottom... my Knit Sock Kit Pal Bags abd yarn... my
needles are on a project.. the candy was eaten by
male vultures... well.. and me;)

Top Left... is my Beautiful One Skein reveal pkg
A gorgeous Colinette Spiral bag.. and SOCKS THAT
ROCK.... In MIST. Oh I love it all!!!!!

Thnx again to my pals!

If you're looking for non- knitting content.... Visit The CWO Team Blog for my Post today on Prayer...

Or over to Missional Mom to find out if my neighbor is a terrorist......

later;) ts

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