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Monday, November 20, 2006

Danger in the Dryer....

A Warning to Wives and Mom's of Hunters:

Between Martha Stewart and my Mom, I thought I had the "How to do laundry" topic pretty well covered.
I fold my towels "the right way" (Lengthwise in thirds, then in half width wise and again--- so they are ready to be placed over the towel rack...whatever- everyone has their own right way- your house- your towels- your way- I say;) )
I do a load (at least) of laundry everyday, so it doesn't become an overwhelming mess... umm theoretically, anyway, not so much working for me in real life). See? I know how to do laundry.
The thing I didn't know? To check pockets for shotgun shells. Martha said nothing about it. Mom said nothing about it. Nada. Not one word. This morning? AFTER a load was finished? A shotgun shell, unexpended, was rattling around the dryer.
A few things about that...
1) Shotgun shells are explosive.
2) Even a nice dryer isn't bullet-proof.
3) The dryer gets HOT, very hot.
4) I'm having a lucky day. There were no bullet holes to be found.
Shannon- at Rocks in my Dryer- ocassionally blogs about things she finds in her dryer... usually rocks and other child- found treasures. I can only say they get older and their interests change.... you'll find things that are equally interesting, but very different!
Can you comment on the strangest thing you've ever found in your dryer? Come on--- help a Mom out--- I can't be the only one with shotgun shells.... (ok- this was a first at our house even, but I've games, money, wallets, wheelbarrows of lint, candy, diapers, (still not sure how THAT happened) rocks, notes from teachers- business cards, (lots of those) receipts....
Whew. Just glad it didn't go off and hurt anyone. THAT would have been awful. I can see the headlines now.... "Teenager shoots his mother (ummm could have been husband, not sure whose pocket it came from) days after he unloads his gun.....and while he's actually at school.. nearly a perfect crime...if not for the laundry pile she was found on..."

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