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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Forest Canopy Shawl- complete;)

finished forest canopy 007

Up close and personal with the blocked Shawl.... Forest Canopy by Susan Lawrence . A great, simple lace pattern. I knit it on US #7, Lantern Moon 24" Circular Needle.

It's almost exactly 2 balls of "Violetta" Kid Silk Haze

finished forest canopy 010

finished forest canopy 001

I added repeats to make it bigger--- I can count them up if anyone is wondering--- however- I just went with using up the 2 balls of KSH that I had:)

Copy of finished forest canopy 005

Then-- I cast on for "Jaywalker socks" By Grumperina I know they've been EVERYWHERE--- and I'm probably the LAST KNITTER on Earth to cast them on.... but here they are cast on yesterday- and cruising right along! Should start the heel flap tonight, at least.

These are in Austermann STEP sock yarn... on Knit picks DPN's US Size 1. Color way is labeled red/gray # 18, I believe.

I listened to a terrific podcast today- Trinity Church- a Pastor on staff there is a friend- Alan Cullen- He preached-Jan 7th -- I highly recommend it for a great challenge to SLOW DOWN--- you can find the podcast on Itunes- by searching for Trinity Church- Lansing MI... or direct from the website- by clicking HERE.

Interestingly- a lot of knitting- going on here lately--- which means a lot of thinking---- for me knitting is a way to sit and think--- without guilt--- or boring myself to death.. or falling asleep! Thoughts to be expressed in the near future- I promise- ;)

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