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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Secret Pal goodness

Copy of sp9113 013 sp9113 006

Secret Pal 9 Surprise!!!!! My Secret Pal 9 has created the perfect pamper pkg!
Lavendar Bath seeds... (I keep a patch of lavendar in my yard- it's my favorite.... I bring fresh lavendar in the camper when we camp;)
A beautiful card...
Chocolate-- from Hotel Chocolat.. that may become breakfast with a hot cup of tea....
an adorable pencil- with a purple gem top;) which I'll tuck into my purse today.
There is "Lush" Lip balm--- YUM.
And-- the absolutely most beautiful Rowan Kid Silk Haze Night--- in a color I've not seen before----a deep- purply burgundy shot through with sparkle. I cast this off this morning----and will be casting on another- in my new Rowan- this afternoon! THNX SO much SP9!!!!

Copy of sp9113 001

Forest Canopy Shawl---- In Louisa Hardings Grace wool-silk blend. Ebony colorway. Lantern Moon US #7s. 4 balls with the resulting leftovers- shown. Read: Not much. ;)

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