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Thursday, February 08, 2007

I wish I LIKED exercise... I don' I try to pretend like I'm NOT...when I am

It all started in November.....First we changed our "eating habits". Then--- about a month ago- we started EXERCISING.

I am now suffering "perma booty bruise". This bike thing hurts my butt every single day. But--- If I ever want to be able to stop complaining about the size of said- butt. I have to keep exercising. About 30 minutes- 7 miles . I hate it. BORING. So- I've gotten creative.

I am now simultaneously:

Listening to podcasts and books on my ipod.

While ocassionally yelling at the dog- and stopping or starting dvds for Noah...

Much more importantly- SP 9 has ended.... and my pals have been revealed...

My wonderful "spoiler" was Rosie @ Caught Knitting THANK YOU SO MUCH! You've made this a great round!

Rosie lives in the UK- Cambridge- and has been absolutely wonderful- even including goodies especially for Mr Noah!

I have been spoiling---- Katrina- @ Here In Topeka ...

It's been great fun- getting to know people around the world... and of course getting great presents myself!;)

Looking forward to round 10.

The evidence of exponential multitasking :


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