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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Somthings change... some things don't. On parenting teenagers

Parenting teenagers, while parenting a preschooler- is an odd combination. I play in the snow, watch Dora The Explorer- and discuss politics in the same afternoon.

One moment I feel OLD, OLD, OLD, (being called "ma'am" at Meijers does it for me every time) the next I feel young... (still, ocassionally by people with very bad eyes, or very big hearts, I am confused for my teens older sibling....)

Shhhhhh! You- the one giggling at the keyboard. Do not speak- I know this is a crock and a marketing trick... but leave me in denial;)

Lately- it's mostly making me feel old. Things have changed.

WAY changed.

It's easiest to see the huge changes in regards to my teens experiences verses mine in Highschool...

1) When I was in school we had "Tornado drills" *My kids sit through what amount to "Terror Drills" School is in lock down, practicing safety for school shooters. (I think what bothers me most- is my kids take this pretty matter-of-factly- the world is crazy.

2) When I was in school, drugs were more talked about than seen.... and all of them were illegal.... now kids are selling their own prescriptions. That's weird.

3) When I was in school legwarmers were in.... well- ok- that keeps popping up- but I vote they go away permanently!

4) When I was in school- "politics" were at least veiled in class....*My kid is watching Al Gore's "Inconvenient Truth" as part of the curriculum. Can you say POLITICAL? Hey- he invented the internet---- might as well be part of the curriculum for Ecology.

5) When I was in school- you called home if you were dying- and then you're mom brought tylenol and gave it to you in the parking lot-on the advice of the school... miraculously healed- back to class you went! Now- they bring you out to the car in a wheel chair. (OK- middle boy was feeling light headed... but please!)

6) When I was in school, we didn't have alliances- of any kind. (That was long before Survivor, I suppose.)

7) When I was in school- there were no gangs in the 'burbs. Just cliques. Really.. it's the same difference. Cliques were pretty brutal.

8) When I was in school... we hid our walkmans (THAT took creativity) and carried cassette tapes in our pockets... My kids get off easy with tiny little I-Pods- holding all the music they need- and easily snuck into class.

9) When I was in school--- backpacks were for camping. The bags we brought to school weighed about 5 lbs- not 40! (With the internet- (thanks, again, Mr Gore) and Thumbdrives and e-books... why are my kids carrying 40 lbs of books? I think thats why middle boy was lightheaded yesterday...he's carrying the pack of a mule!)

10) When I was in school we spoke whatever language we wanted to on the bus--- (mostly swearing) But, we did it to annoy the bus driver... now it's English only- or they think you are planning a terrorist plot.

11) When I was in school....there wasn't an officer posted at each building.... (Maybe there should have been)

12) When I was in school...we carried "Banana Combs" in our back pockets.... not cell phones.

13) "Sun-In" was the haircolor of choice---Orange hair was an accident- not a hair style...(mostly) (Not knocking orange hair-if it works for you- I'm fine with that-- mine is burgundy- sometimes eggplant if it's on clearance...just saying coloring your hair meant pretty much 2 things- darker- or lighter. Unless you used colored hairspray--- which stunk and ran down your face when you were dancing and sweaty... not sure how I KNOW that--- but trust me- it's true;)

14) When I was in school--- we actually left the house after school--- to BE with our friends--- we didn't complain about going out- because we can't talk online if we leave!

15) When I was in wasn't something kids went to over break.......(Some of them should have)

16) Saying the Pledge of Allegiance was an honor.... not a political issue.

17) The 10 Commandments were a good thing......whether you believed in God or not- they made sense. Now, it's offensive to teach that lying, cheating and stealing are wrong...ummmm they still are. Think about the last time someone lied to you... WRONG. Stole from you...WRONG.....see what I mean?

18) Being a Christian was OK... As was believing something else--- now you can believe anything BUT Christianity... that- somehow, is offensive.

19) Being "Safe" was something that happened on a ball-field... not a bedroom....

20) We had cable-- (I'm not THAT old) but we had like- oh... the big 20 channels... or something... and even on MTV people were mostly clothed.

I am OLD. Things HAVE CHANGED....I'm going to dye my roots.

What changes have you noticed? Leave them in the comments.

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