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Monday, April 09, 2007

Random-ness and questions for the universe:

Saw this somewhere- a grand way to waste 10 minutes.....go ahead- make your own....

Random questions and thoughts:

1) Is having a pain in the butt, the same as BEING a pain in the butt? The answer? Sometimes.

(I had to go to urgent care to get my hip checked out.....from last weeks trip, down the steps.....Am fine- sore. Bruised hip, bursa issues. yuk. Had the Doctor write buttocks pain on the "yellow slip" -discharge info- the boys got a kick out of it...)

2) Dressing gowns at Urgent care. Why bother? They only cover what you don't care about and leave the bits that should be covered... UN- COVERED. I was just glad I had tucked socks into my least I had socks on during my x-ray. I swear, next time I'm bringing my own robe.

PS don't they know all gowns should be BLACK? Hello. WHY do they always make them in WHITE ...- needles... iv's and other -worse ER happenings ... can't go well with WHITE. And the lame prints? Why the torturous lame prints? They have to make you look as fat, pale and sick as you feel?


3) Fruit Flies and Banana's - I don't get it. I've never seen fruit fly ...ummmmmm larvae...(maggots?) . However, it's inevitable, a few days after we buy banana's we have company. FRUIT FLIES. How do they get there? There aren't any in my house UNTIL I buy banana's . I don't see ANY on the banana's when I buy them. I hate this. I am allergic to banana's, can't eat them. They are all-around disgusting. I am sure they are the source of all fruit flies. Sick.

4) Things to do with left over Easter Eggs.....

a) save them for egging on devil's night.... that's just wrong on so many levels. I'm sorry.

b) ship them to unsuspecting friends... as GIFTS.

c) Use them as threats. "If you don't clean up your room, you're having Easter Eggs for dinner."

d) Save them and shellac them, they are now "risky, edgy art" Well, in a couple of weeks they will be.

e) Add them to the dogs food........ (well- you could try it- as for Bad-Dog Sami? She'd rather eat garbage)

f) Use them as organic fertilizer.....( bury them in the yard)

g) Tell you're family they are chocolate eggs.... no really- you should see how disappointed they get!

h) Blah, blah make deviled eggs, egg salad and other dishes your children won't eat....

i) Tell your children they CANNOT eat them, they are GROWN up food. Works every time. (Well- it works with most kids... ONCE.)

j) Chop em up and leave them outside at night... whatever is making the dog bark, will probably eat them.

k) Next year paint wooden eggs. You can save them and they don't smell up the house when you find them under the couch in July.

Add your random thoughts or Easter Egg Ideas to the comments....

easter 003 easter 005 easter 006
Egg Dye stains. Hands, nails and faces. Just FYI.

easter 020

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