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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Spring Cleaning and the Smell of Burnt Pickles....

Oh the Mop and the pail- such cruel mistresses. It's true, although snow continues to spit at the most in-opportune moments, (like Easter Morning- what's up with that?) the time for Spring Cleaning has arrived.

Let's just say-at my house, it's about 2 years over due.

As Spring cleaning hasn't visited us in a while.... I knew I'd need heavy duty help- and not just of the chemical kind. (If you're planning this years stock purchases--- I'd suggest- buying Windex, Bounty, Mop & Glow and Clorox... my chemicals of choice) Anyway- I went to "Fly" and signed up.

This goes against everything within me, as one of my favorite phrases is "You're not the boss of me!" (There are a myriad of reasons some not so altruistic as to why I am a SAHM....;) sends you a daily email with reminders for developing new habits and with missions for specific focus areas to clean. Accountability and encouragement all in one shot.

Yesterday, was "refridgerator day." Always an interesting task with 3 boys. They have a strong tendancy to not QUITE replace the caps and lids, prior to putting things away. The resulting drips created some recipes that will NEVER make it to Martha Stewart. Most of the puddle experiments contained: Caramel or chocolate syrup, cold and or cough medicine, jelly of every flavor, something that looks like honey, liberal dollops of ketchup and various salad dressings.

I'll admit- they were a bit Jackson Pollock-esque... But, not really art. Nor culinary delights. There was no taste testing. These recipes/art were discarded . The fridge is now clean. (Well- it was the last time I checked, but that was around breakfast- anything could have happened by now.)

I'm just glad the Fly-lady didn't say "fridge and FREEZER." Hey if she's gonna boss me- I'm just gonna do what she says... no point going over board! I left the coffee grounds loose frozen corn and ice cream drips for another day.

Today- was "clean the kitchen cabinet fronts" day. Interestingly enough- the same drips from the fridge seemed to have migrated to the cabinet fronts. A Tip: Spray cleaner then LET IT SIT for a few minutes! Much easier than trying to scrape dried jelly with your fingernails. (gotta love those acrylic tools- I mean nails;)

I couldn't stand to have clean cabinet fronts and drippy appliance fronts- so I did them too. Then---- the oven and stovetop beckoned to me ominously. They were mocking me. They must be cleaned- "Fly Lady or no." (Besides- she's not really the boss of me!)

A few things about self cleaning ovens:

1) You need to scrape the burn food out FIRST.
2) You CAN put your drip pans and grates into the oven and clean them at the same time---- but again- they should be scraped of burnt spaghetti sauce and ramen noodles FIRST.
3) The stove top becomes HOT. If you decide to utilize the self cleaning cycle to clean under the drip pans etc.... be cautious of your cleaning chemical choice. HOT CHEMICALS CAUSE FUMES....... Breathing HOT fumes could cause you to feel.... very mellow ... maybe even a bit ummmmmm intoxicated....

If you fail to follow these instructions- your house will fill with smoke- right about the time you are feeling "mighty mellow." OPEN THE WINDOWS- YOU ARE NOT IN COLLEGE even though it IS Spring Break. You are the Mom--- you cannot get high in the kitchen! ...Besides- this can't be good for your pets. OPEN THE WINDOWS!

Some where- I once read that a small dish of white vinegar placed out will remove smoke and other odors from your home. Liars. THIS DOES NOT WORK for self-cleaning oven trauma...... it just makes your house smell like BURNT PICKLES. I doubt "Yankee Candle" Is interested in this as part of it's new Spring line.

Good luck with your Spring Cleaning.....I'm going to knit (I need a sweater it's FREEZING in here, and the smoke hasn't abated yet!) until it's time to GO OUT FOR DINNER......No One will be cooking in that CLEAN KITCHEN today.

I wonder what's on the docket for tomorrow? Click for the week in review-advance:


Actual Knitting content: CPH # In Cascade Sierra- Back and fronts done- working the sleeves....

PS--- If I get pneumonia from the cold and chemical damage to my lungs......can I have a day off?

cph raspberry cascade sierra 001

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