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Monday, April 02, 2007

Anticipation, is makin' me wait....But, the wait was great! The Yarn Harlot arrives and Doula's the arrival of an impromptu knit circle!

(Wins a "bloggy" for longest title, evah!) Yesterday was a day off and a day, out. My SIL and I went to the Ann Arbor Library to see Stephanie Pearl McPhee- The Yarn Harlot. I went over the summer- (Aug I think) and it had been packed- they had to hook up a video feed to another room. I wanted to arrive early to make sure were "in the main room."

Boy, we were early. Arrived around 1. Event was scheduled for 2. Early- as opposed to my typical tardiness- I should have known there'd be "issues." Knitters were everywhere. Yarn was flying- the hand-dyed yarn fumes were intoxicating. It must have been medicating as well- because barely a knitter batted an eye when told the poor "Harlot" had been delayed. A fog had rolled in and her flight turned back- to Chicago. We'd have to wait.

Out came the knitting and around turned the chairs. The knitting community, communed.

A Knitting circle of rather eclectic make-up, was born. I've never been to a knitting group- but I'd like to go now! It was great! I met: Dana, Beth, (Whom we could not allow to walk to her car in the rain...and tolerated my dirty car- graciously) Kim ,Khadijah...and a bunch of others!

We sat- we chat and we knit. New skills were acquired- socks on 2 circs demonstrated. FO's were petted and fawned over. (Some, while still on the wearer- including my blue "Central Park Hoodie") Yarns were fondled, some were openly coveted. I tried to slip Kat's in progress- hot-pink "Simple Knitted bodice" into my bag--until other knitters, kindly intervened. (Sorry for trying to steal- I'm not usually a stealer- but it WAS my size- AND PINK)

I "Cast-Off" my black "Something Red Sweater" while we waited. It didn't take much cajoling to get me to try it on. To my surprise- and delight- I (my knit) was literally cheered for;)

I highly recommend casting off at a "Cast Off" event- or Knitting Circle- completed knitting- met with cheers is all the cozier and lovelier! (Will post more pics after it's ends are woven and it's blocked;)

yarn harlot in michigan 007

And the Harlot- arrived- running in like a blur. We were just glad she'd made it. Her talk was delightful and insightful. She's a class act. Her authenticity, humility, energy and humor are infectious.

We didn't wait while the ever gracious, Harlot signed loads of books. We were starving- for food and yarn. We went to the closest knit shop- Busy Hands. A great little shop! I picked up a fused glass button for my new sweater. Some Malabrigo Laceweight and some of the new Soft Sea Wool by Reynolds. Then we went to dinner! (During the course of the day, We covered all the comfort bases- people- knitting, shopping and Cracker Barrel.)

yarn harlot in michigan 005

(Normally I'd apologize for a blurry pic- but with the day The Harlot had, had- it's entierly possible that she was actually blurry- not the camera;)
In other news- my Sp 10 has already sent me a package! If I'm quick I should be able to use a new felted Easter Basket this year! THNX SP10! I love it!

yarn harlot in michigan 008
Michigan Knitters- You're GREAT!

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