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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Going Blonde. One hair at a time...Or maybe, I'm just getting old.

I'm going blonde. Not intentionally, it just seems to be happening on it's own.
One. Hair. At. A. Time.

It started years ago- one "blonde hair" would pop up- literally. Straight up. In a crooked way. With a strange wirey texture. Since it didn't "match" the rest of my hair, I'd pluck it out. (The all things Must Match rule- one of these things doesn't belong... weird hairs must GO!)
Now- I should have been suspect- that my hair color could shift. As it has changed drastically throughout the years. (Not always through a dye bottle) When I was little- I was sunshine- blonde. As I got into my pubescent years it got darker- well, until I found "Sun-In"- then-BANG (Big, permed eighties bangs- actually) insta-blonde. (Or insta- orange, depending;)

In the late eighties--- I got my first bob. I was teaching preschool- so, decided to go with the fairy tale theme. I went very dark....Disney Princess Snow-White, dark. I wore ribbons and bows. (? Yeah- I know. It was a phase. I even dressed as Snow White for Halloween one year, didn't need a wig. )

At some point in the early nineties- I decided on red. Yes- an Italian/Welsh redhead. (That's NATURAL. Shut up. I mean- shush. Please. It's a look. I like it.) Anyway, since then, I've varied from Mahogany to an accidental- clearance purchase of "Eggplant". (a lovely- blackish purple, after which, my kids wanted to have me take them into school so everyone could see my COOL, PURPLE hair. Boys. Only boys think their Mom's hair is funny, girls would have been mortified. FYI- NEVER buy hair dye on clearance. Spend the extra $3.00- you're worth it. )

I dye my own hair, (because I'm cheap- and lets face it- I have this one day a month- where I MUST dye my hair. IMMEDIATELY.) Anyway- I pay pretty close attention to "the root" of the problem. The problem currently- is my GRAY Hair. AKA: individual blondes. They are not compliant. Not only, do they stick up weirdly- but they DO NOT want to take the dye. They want to remain white. I mean, blonde. Kind of like highlights- only, not so much.
Instead, they are just weird. Worse yet? They are concentrated right in the front. At the hairline. Can't even hide them. Hate that.

So- I'm going blonde- one hair at a time. Kind of. I keep dying them. Red. I haven't given up. I will conquer. There are stronger dyes.

Like "RIT " If all else fails- I could try that. Maybe, I could even put a bunch of pony tails in and tye-dye it.

We will not discuss the weird, white eye-brow hairs. Or, anything else. That, would be wrong.

Getting old, isn't bad- it's just well- WEIRD.

Hair care- it's in the Bible.

BTW "long" is a relative term.

Age is also a relative term, in the Bible- see Methusaleh

Wanna pick you're own red?

Herbal Essence Reds

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