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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Mystery Stole 3 at row 120!

Black Alpaca With a Twist
Black glass seed beads-
US #3 plymouth bamboo circs (24")

I have markers placed- but just at each side of the center stitch.

I'm using a life line- (threaded through stitches while they are on the needle- between charts. This one is placed between chart one and two. I remove them after adding the new lifeline.

Close up of the center motif in clue #1

Looks Thai like to me...but I have no clue what the theme may be.
I'll just keep knitting along...

With clues- yet somehow- Clueless;)

For more about MS3 visit Pinklemontwist- she's the brains behind the mystery! The group is now closed- but the pattern will be available for sale after it's completion!

SP 10 has wrapped up- my final pkg went out the pal I've been sending too... I hope she likes it- Loopy ewe sock blockers... Claudia handpaint sock yarn and Lantern Moon Sox Stix... with misc other goodies too;) Will let you know WHO I've been sending to....after she receives it;)

I haven't heard who was sending to me yet... maybe soon. Maybe I won't, stuff happens... it's ok.. I really do like sending goodies;)

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