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Monday, September 17, 2007

Hemlock ring, Hanging Vine Stole....Weathers turned cold in Michigan... so on to hot-cocoa knitting!

Hanging Vine Stole: from Heartstrings

Yarn- Knitpicks Gloss in "Cocoa"

Needles- Knitpicks Harmony Interchangeable
US size 6

loving the pattern- the needles and the yarn. Any questions?

Can you say knitted chocolate?

Close up of the needles:

hemlock and hanging vine 008

Hot Chocolate without whipped cream? Not on my blog!

Yes- my Knitterly OCD has caused the cast-on of yet another- hemlock ring- this time a blanket in Patons SWS "Natural" ivory colorway. It's a thank-you gift ---being knit on - YET AGAIN The new Knitpicks Harmony needles--- as far a a review goes- I think multiple projects being knit at the same time on these needles says it all--- loving them!

hemlock in SWS

A post called "Lines Blurred, Eyes Strained, Freedom Gained" Is up at Laced With Grace- please visit me over there today- too;)

This week is UBER Busy. Getting ready for MOPS International's Annual Convention!

Gotta pack my sandals and my Bible---I serve God through MOPS as a MAC- (Ministry Advancement Coordinator- convention is a VERY busy event for field-leaders and Mom's alike! Will need to attempt the impossible today- find CUTE and COMFY shoes..... or not.

Please pray for convention as over 4000 Mom's gather to be cared for- challenged and encouraged--- ummmm and goof around;) A LOT.

Blocked pic of Hemlock Ring Doily/shawl: No wonder I'm obsessed with this pattern!

hemlock ring 020

Fiber God-Mother Questionaire:

What are your fiber-related hobbies? (Knit, Crochet, Spinning, Needlepoint, etc.) - I knit, spin

How long? - I don't know about 5 years?

Which are you *most* into? - Knitting, \then spinning

How would you classify yourself in this craft - Intermediate- advanced

What is your current fiber-related obsession? - current projects.

What are your favorite items to make? - Lace n socks- they always fit!

What are you making right now? - Hemlock Ring blanket- Hanging Vines Stole and Monkey Socks need to finish a CPH.

What other crafts or
Do-It-Yourself things do you like to do? - Watercolor painting- spinning, photography

About the fiber:
Your favorite yarn(s) (brand or type)? - mostly natural stuff.

What fibers do you absolutely *not* like? - not so much about the acrylics or novelty stuff.

Is there a yarn you've been dying to try? - Sundara mostly solids...

Are you a fiber snob? - picky yeah- snob- no- but then again yeah.

About the tools:

Hardwood, Bamboo, Aluminum, Plastic? - mostly wood cept for cotton then metal....

For knitters: Straight, DPN or Circular needles? -all of the above;)

Favorite gadget? - kacha collector and measuring tape fiend--- want the little Lantern moon b-day cake;) my ipod;)

Anything you've been wanting to try? - everything? New Knitpicks DPNS!!!

About you:
Do you pamper yourself? Or do you generally come last? - often last- but do what I need so as not go crazy;)

What does an ideal day off/free hour consist of for you? - Good food- friends - knitting.. a great quiet time preferably on a beach.....

Are you allergic to anything? - banana's

What is your family situation? (Partner, spouse, kids, etc.) - Husband, 3 sons- 18, 15 and 5

Are you owned by any pets? - Bad dog Sami the Beagle , Cappucino the kitty nazi and Truffles the clumsy cat.

Your favorite color(s)? - purples, reds, pinks (deeper is better) blues... like jewel tones- rich colors;)

Any colors you just can't stand? - Don't much like yellows- and greens can make me look pretty pukey:(

What's your favorite scent? (for candles, bath products etc.) - light florals- lavander, vanilla

Least favorite? (Maybe you're not "allergic," but it makes you want to die) - cat pee?

How do you feel about candy? - chocolate....yum.

Any dietary restrictions? - Nope- olny self imposed and I'm not following thru with those much lately;)

Is there anything that you collect? - YARN;) McCoy piece mostly in cream color.... longaberger baskets....milk glass.

What is your favorite holiday? - Christmas

Do you have an online wish list (e.g. Amazon, Things I Want)? Amazon- my e-mail

Can your computer/stereo play MP3s? - Yes.What kind of music do you like? pretty broad-
U2, Coldplay, Casting Crowns, Third Day, Springsteen, ummm classical....

Any special requests in case your Godmother wants to make a CD for you? - surprise me;)

Favorite movie(s)? - no real clue here;)

Any "fan" stuff? (e.g. Firefly, Wonder Woman, etc.) - sheepies;)

Anything we missed? Tell, Tell!

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