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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

MOPS International Convention Time!

Drawing 4,000 Moms From Across U.S. and Beyond, MOPS International Convention Visits Orlando, Sept. 20 - 22, 2007

The kitchen is clean. The laundry is done... (in theory, anyways) The fridge is stocked- packing is in progress. Why? Because I leave in the morning for MOPS International Convention! You can click the link above to see the press-release. I'm looking forward to a wonderful busy and filling time in Orlando.

I've been involved in MOPS for 17 + years (since my oldest now nearly 18! was just a few months old) I began as a MOPPET Coordinator where I organized and planned activities for around 100 children. Following that season of leadership, I became MOPS Coordinator of our local group. I Coordinated a group of incredible leaders for a number of years. Then- God called me in a whole diferent direction- to be a MOPS Mentor.

Next- God called me to Field Leadership- yet another level of challenge! In Field Leadership- as a Council Coordinator, I've been focused on building the leaders in our local area. At the end of August- I accepted a new role in Field Leadership- as a Ministry Advancement Coordinator.

It will now be my responsibility to help our area build awareness, and build more groups. I'm excited- and anxious. Change is difficult- but od has called and quipped me every step of the way... so now we're heading down this new path together.

I guess- if you asked me what is it about MOPS that tugs at the deepest level of my heart- I'd have to say- it's because I see each MOPS groups as a safe haven for Moms. A place to stretch and grow and make mistakes. A place to be accepted and loved. A place to find and grow in God and find yourself, in God.

What does MOPS look like? Well- MOPS looks very different in different places. Sure- there are soccer-mom groups- ;) But there are also inner city groups- and military groups and international groups and groups that meet on work sites and groups for Teen- Mom's, and groups that meet in prisons.

MOPS Convention is a time where Mom's of all sorts come together- to worship, to learn, to goof around...and to learn enjoy all the different types of Moms that God has created.

If you asked what a "typical" MOPS Mom looked like- I couldn't answer. She may be African American, Hispanic, Caucasian, Middle Eastern, Indian, Australian, Catholic, Baptist, Non- Denominational, Lutheran, Methodist... or something all together different.

A MOPS Mom may look like me- or like you. She may be married, single, divorced, widowed, (does anyone use that word anymore?) a mom of multiples- an adoptive /forever Mom, a homeschool Mom, a Public School Mom. A MOPS Mom may have long hair, short hair- or no hair. She may wear make-up or not. She might be tatooed and or pierced. She may be older- she might be younger. She may have preschoolers AND teenagers. ;) She may be a step parent- or a legal guardian.

In the end- I'd have to say- she's a Preschool Mom.

And this- week- around 4,000 of them will be in Florida- learning to be a better mom- and where the next step in her journey with God may lead... will you pray for us? Thnx;)

MOPS International- Mothers Of Preschoolers.

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