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Friday, October 19, 2007

The Year of Living Biblically

year of living biblicallyI've been listening to this, this week. (gotta love audio books on my i-pod;) I found it Entertaining- and surprisingly, challenging.

So far- here are the questions that have risen from it:

1) I wonder if God thinks my attempts at holiness (following the Bible's teachings) are as silly as Jacob's often are in his book. I'm guessing the answer is sometimes "yes".

2) I wonder what following Jesus really looks like? (I keep thinking of Jesus washing Judas's feet this week...... )

3) Where is the line between "legalism" and honoring God by following...

4) I think it's interesting that Christian's keep a "Letterman's top 10" type list of sins.......Not the 10 commandments, but a heirarchical list of worst to minor sins..... While the Bible simply says all sin separates us from God. The size of the sin doesn't change the distance. We're all sinners. In need of forgiveness. I'm no better, or worse than anybody else.

5) I think this book is a great example of our desperate need for grace. There is NO way that we could daily track and live by every law that is listed in the Bible. That's kind of the point. We can't do it on our own- we need the relationship.

6) How can I follow more closely? Without losing sight of WHO it is I'm following? (When I get all legalistic-- I tend to forget all about Jesus... just being honest)

Here is where I'm camping out ;)

Galatians 3

Any thoughts?

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