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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Knitting, Writing and Resolutions

Finding Grace in a Chinese Carry-Out Calendar, Is my post at Laced With Grace today.(the group devotional blog I write for) . Please click over and give it a read!

carry-out calendar pic

hemlock ring blanket

I have been knitting... I started another Hemlock Ring Blanket in Moda Dea Silk'n Wool Blend. (This one is to match the new living room furniture I have not purchased yet;) I'm using US size 10 Knit Picks Harmony Interchangeable needles. The colorway is called "Latte" which is probably the reason I bought it;)

As for resolutions.. I only have 3.

1) To submit writing weekly (articles and 2 potential book proposals) and either be published or have 100 rejection letters by the end of the year. (I'm calling either one a's rejection desensitization therapy;) It's time to stop talking about it and start doing it;)

2) To participate in and post about my family's experience with "Every Monday Matters" (Introductory post next Monday on that one)

3) to lose 25 pounds. (Hide the cookies... it's time to take better care of Mommy)

Have you made resolutions? What are they? And why???

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