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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Knit Michigan.. Knitting for a cause!

knit michiganMomma's day off;)

Yes- it happens once in a great while. Saturday was "Knit Michigan" so I took the day to do a little fibery goofing off, for a cause.

There was shopping, and knitting and meeting fellow Ravelry members. (See the group pics)

Knit Michigan is an even hosted to raise funds for a number of local cancer related charities. Knitters were encouraged to bring "Chemo Caps" a huge pile were donated;) As well as $.

A great day- I'm planning on going next year too;)

I met so many great knitters! Here are just a few:





There was knitting, spinning, classes, shopping, great people and food... the bases were certainly covered;) A terrfic day off!

Today is my day to post over at "Laced With Grace" Pop in for a visit!

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