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Monday, March 31, 2008

Udates, virus' and a Keegan Lane Yarn Review!

jay walker sock in keegan lane ballet slippers

I've been:

1) sick

2) recovering

3) playing nurse for everyone else who's been sick. (Everyone's been so kind taking turns... aka stretching out this season of sickness for all it's worth! And- As I've taught my guys to share--- they have been sharing liberally... good with snacks not so good with virus' and bacteria. )

4) Celebrating the never ending birthday of my youngest. (Somehow, this kids "birthday party" has cloned into parties..... one for one part of the family--- another with friends, another with another part of the family......and the immediate family..... and so on... and so on...maybe its the birthday business making us sick???? PS- the yellow frosting on a McDonalds birthday cake is permanent... at least when it comes into contact with acrylic nails at 2:30 a.m. when I NEEDED some cake... caught yellow handed, I suppose! Be forewarned:!)

The sickness thing is just annoying.... enough said. And expensive... tissues... tissues... with lotion... tissues with anti-viral dots... decongestants... throat lozenges and GIANT bottles of Ibuprophen.....not to mention popsicles and chicken soup by the case.

But- we're recovering.... I think.... let's just say--- the amount of bleach and various sanitizing chemicals I've been using have effectively removed my fingerprints... I could now be a spy. (Not really... but sheesh- I've been bleaching everything but the pets... and they are nedt on my list of carrier-suspects;)

So- instead of flus, colds and strep--- lets talk pretty yarn!

This past week I recieved an order from my favorite online shop- The Loopy Ewe. In it, was carefully tucked, 3 beautiful skeins of a new (to me) indie dyer- "Keegan Lane Yarns." I purchased: Shy Violet, Ballet Slippers and Milky Way. Each handpainted skein comes with a pretty little matching (I love matching) stitch marker. The colors are terrific- and the yarn is knitting up beautifully. The twist on the yarn is smooth and even-getting guage wasn't a challenge at all. The dye work is lovely and it was well skeined- no knots or bad bits. An A+ New dyer! I highly recommend.

The base yarn reminds me of Socks That Rock and Wollmeise--- very nice.

US 1½ / 2.5 mm (I'm using Knit Picks Harmony DPN's

Keegan Lane Yarns Ballet Slippers Toasty Sock

1 skeins = 420.0 yards (384.0m)

no purl mok=nkeys- froggedI started a pair of no-purl monkeys (based on Knitty's original pattern. I used Keegan Lane Yarn in the "Ballet Slippers" Colorway... but once I started knitting- I decided it was begging to be a pair of jaywalkers! (The jaywalkers are in the pic above.)In the end- I think it was worth ripping them back and starting again in the jaywalker pattern--- just seems to make the most of the yarn and pattern! However--- I now must absolutely make a pair of no-purl monkeys in a more subtle colorway;)

They are fast and simple and prettiful;) Meets my sock knitting requirements! If you can get your hands on a skein (or 5) of Keegan Lane Yarns... I highly recommend it!

Today, I've posted a devotional at Laced With Grace called "Me, Version 2.0" You'll read about my most recent Windows Vista update... and how God's been trying to update me- too;) (A little hint--- I keep clicking "Update later" Sound familiar?)

I hope you'll pop over for a visit- and read some of the other great posts at Laced With Grace- the girls writing there are just phenomenal!

Also- today is the last day to enter for the Laced With Grace Contest-- the prize is a wonderful 50% scholarship to the Proverbs 31 "She Speaks Conference." Make sure to leave a comment at LWG for one more chance to win!!!

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